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If not stress free, then free of stress. It works.

Hi there, I’m Teresa Maron, and my niche is Holistic Stress Management because I believe that stress is the cause of all disease. Stress is the source of the problems. I offer solutions with online programs that teach a daily system of preventative self-care, to develop new habits, spiritual adventure retreats to get away from it all, and personal nurturing support coaching.

Rejuvenate and liberate yourself from stress in your daily life by joining me,  on the joyful journey to stress free living. Today’s Wise Woman knows moments of joy and shares the gift of optimism about the future. Don’t waste another moment from the rest of your journey.

Healing Modalities for Every Soul

Spiritual Adventures for Women start with gentle daily stress management. Join me,Teresa Maron for energy healing workshops programs and spiritual retreats. Stressful imprints in your energy field don’t go away. They show up in self destructive patterns, habits and relationships. They must be released Intentionally, from your subconscious with proactive behaviors. This is the most powerful preventative health care available. This complete system of holistic care management will transform your experience of health and happiness.


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I learned the hard way, by becoming burnt out and stressed to the point of making myself sick. It was when I finally went to recharge that I had that ‘a-ha’ moment and realized that I needed to change my life, so I did.

Now, years later, my passion is to help you find your joyful journey, with healing transformation destination retreats, as I have found mine. I look forward to helping you reach your goals, define your passions and find joy!

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