3 Tips to Get Attention


3 Tips to Get Attention with Brand Building Content by Katherine Swarts

Are you confused about which Brand Building Content will get your business the right attention? Those of us in spiritually based and self-help businesses struggle especially with the idea of shouting out our accomplishments and stating our expert status. We tend to take a lower profile.  These 3 Tips to Get Attention will help you right away.

Today we are going to focus on 3 tips to promote your business using Brand Building Content, developed by Content Marketing Expert Katherine Swarts.

Our show will tell you:

  • Why well planned content marketing is essential to today’s business
  • The Top mistakes we all make in content marketing
  • The basics of attracting attention to your business with the right content

Katherine knows from her many years of writing in the voice of her clients that small business entrepreneurs need to inspire the target readers with attention getting published posts. The time saved by hiring this out to a professional that gets results makes sense.

One of my 3 Tips to Get Attention is to Create a Micro Moment. When you see people in public on their phone or tablet, they are probably searching for something they need right now. That is a micro moment. If your service fulfills a need, what does a Micro Moment look like to your ideal client? Katherine Swarts–

3 tips to get-attention-with-katherine-swartsGems of Wisdom Podcast

Katherine has been a writer—and reader—at heart since childhood. She published her first paid articles in 1993 and worked as a community-newspaper journalist while completing her master’s degree at Wheaton College in Illinois. Since 2014, her passion has become mental and behavioral health as she learns to cope with personal depressive tendencies and with severe mental illness in her extended family.

Her Gem of Wisdom is also her greatest asset. She brings a sense of humor, a broad field of knowledge and is an expert and an artist of picking up the nuance of intent as she writes in her client’s voice.

She offers professional services like

  • Blog writing 
  • Social media posts, original content
  • Social media posts, researched and shared content 
  • Content planning—goals
  • Content planning—calendars
  • Trade journal articles, white papers, and annual reports
  • Advertorials and social media ads 

She has over a decade of experience creating content for publishers and businesses and her niche is self-help in the mental and behavioral health. Find her at www.HoustonFreelanceWriter.com


I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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