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Beauty. Simplicity. Nature.

About Teresa-10 years ago, I found myself in what I would call a tropical paradise. It was quite by accident, but it was no coincidence. I fell in love with the beauty, the simplicity and the connection to nature. It is on the southern Pacific coast of Oaxaca, very remote, wildly beautiful, mostly untouched and safe. It is here that I host my Spiritual Adventures.

This paradise came to me at a time when I was burnt out. I was stressed from work, exhausted from child rearing and taking care of sick relatives. I was so caught up in the rat race, I didn’t even realize how uncomfortable and unsustainable my energy system had become. It had become a habit to tell myself that I was fine. But I was barely surviving. I had forgotten about Teresa.

After a few days, listening to the ocean, eating healthy food, and breathing the sea air, I came back to life. I remembered what it felt like to be free. I felt healthy, happy and, most importantly, content!

Content with my body and my life. I needed another week to really decompress, but I was convinced that this type of getaway was life changing. It was joy! I knew if I didn’t take some time every few months and make it about Teresa, I would sacrifice much of the happiness and joy I could share with others.

Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman was born, and I knew that I had not only found my passion, but that I could help others find their joy as well too.

I started to take actionable steps.

  • I swallowed my fear and got rid of my stressful retail business.
  • I trained and certified in Holistic stress management techniques.
  • I gratefully started my Energy Medicine practice.
  • I documented my work to create online classes, products and programs.
  • I realized I wasn’t alone in struggling with subconscious stress.
  • I began offering healing transformation destination retreats for women
  • I started Wisdom Talk, a group of Wise Women podcasts and blogs.
  • I became a contributing writer for Thrive Global and Spiritual Biz magazine.

If Not Now, then When?

Why am I the expert on finding your joy? Because I have found mine, and I can relate with sometimes it is not easy. I help you find that unique you that you may have lost along the way, with practical daily techniques that lead to more fun and adventure in your life.

I invite you to explore my site, where you will find a community of Wise Women that inspire through creativity, motivate healing through art, and celebrate the spirituality and connection achieved through deeply shared communication.

Start Your Breakthrough Today!

If you feel you are really at a crossroads and want to explore working with my methods in a more personal way, please fill out and submit the following FORM for a Super Power Breakthrough Consultation.

I will look through your information and respond by email for your personal one-on-one consultation. You can expect a heart felt, intuitive and specific plan of action from me as a result.

Super Power Breakthrough Consultation

If you feel you are really at a crossroads and want to explore working with my methods in a more personal way, please fill out and submit the form for a Super Power Breakthrough Consultation.

I will respond and email you for personal one-on-one consultation. You can expect a heart felt and specific plan of action from me as a result.

* Disclaimer : By submitting this questionnaire and request for a Super Power Breakthrough Consultation, you acknowledge that you are interested in coaching and or training services with Teresa Maron. You understand that space is limited and acceptance in this program is based on availability. You understand that participating in one of Teresa’s programs requires a financial investment and You are ready and able to make that commitment to yourself for personal development.

About Teresa

My journey has been one of creative discovery and synchronicity. I wish I could tell you I was always in control of the plan but it just isn’t true. My greatest success has been without a traditional plan, but a Divine One. Along the way I have become a best seller on Amazon, Walmart and Barnes and Noble, a contributing writer for Spiritual Biz, Sedona Journal and Natural Awakenings magazine and a product representative for Global Healing Center. The common denominator is that I love to write about what I love. Turning that into a podcast, video or program is my Joy! To me, the Joyful Journey, is to do what you love and let it flow. My retreats are an extension of that, sharing these creative gifts through top healing and creativity teachers from many areas of life. I am so glad that you have joined me.

Joyful Blessings, Teresa Mason Maron

Thank you to my Sponsors, Clients and Supporters!


Mission: My commitment to my clients is to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.

Upcoming Events

Create a Dream catcher with teresa maron

Create a Dream CatcherIn Dreams we see a World that is entirely our own.

In this class our Wise Women will learn to create a Dream Catcher to symbolize the goals she wants to attract into her world the next 90 days.

  • Choose a Gem Prescription
  • Choose a Feather
  • Weave your intentions into a beautiful hand crafted reality

Make a beautiful dream catcher. Materials provided.


Crystal and color healing with Teresa Maron

Teresa offers Crystal and Gemstone retreats and workshops


Be a Part of ItWhat They Are Saying

  • Working with Teresa was enlightening, thought provoking and fun. Give yourself a treat and meet her.

    Sara Speer Selber
    Sara Speer Selber
    The Project Management Team
  • Teresa has brought a professional marketing perspective to our non profit. Her compassionate ideas, communication style, and expertise in project development and implementation are highly valued.

    Lauren Santerre
    Lauren Santerre
  • I’ve considered podcasting as a way to get my message to more people. While I have been a guest on several radio shows, I had no idea how or even if I could host one myself. Now I have the confidence that comes from a detailed strategy.

    Patty Adamik
    Patty Adamik
    Host of First Tuesday Tune Up
  • Teresa gave me perfect coaching for specific problems I was encountering. Teresa is patient, knowledgeable and truly amazing! I have learned so much utilizing her products and e-books. Teresa is now my “Go To” Queen when I need spiritual advice!

    Jane Ellen Nickey
    Jane Ellen Nickey
    Natural Living With Jane
  • Teresa Maron is a master on conscious content marketing and coaching. Her strategies and techniques bring out your best. Make her your go to for coaching and to make your life more effective on a daily basis.

    Martha A. Sanchez
    Martha A. Sanchez

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