August Tune-Up Tuesday


art-project-with-water-colorThe languid afternoons and sultry evenings of August are the perfect time to indulge in inner creative and inspirational work. Just as this picture by Lorraine Elmore suggests, creating something beautiful can be an invitation to your Inner Wisdom.

Before the shifting season of Autumn begins, August offers a chance to absorb the powerful creative energy of the sun and transmute it into an inner glow that lights the fires of your true life’s passions.

There is nothing quite so delicious as coming into a darkened room after a day at the beach or pool, feeling sun soaked and sleepy. After a cool shower, lying down for a nap is an invitation to let your guides come forth and whisper in your ear. In such an altered state of relaxation, you will respond to their creative messages quite clearly.

What new dream is yearning to be called forth?

Where are you holding back?

Is there a ‘something’ that keeps popping up in the periphery of your energetic field that you haven’t quite been able to catch?

The dog days of August are sometimes said to be called such because that is when the dog star Sirius becomes visible in the northern sky. It is a star that is hidden much of the year, just like those deep inner creative urges that require a special state to notice.

That is why August’s Tune Up Tuesday gift is a short video lesson on the practice of Open Attention and a guided open attention audio MP3.

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Watch the video, listen to the audio guide and have fun noticing what messages come to you through the language of sensation.

BTW, you don’t have to be inside in a darkened room. This is great fun to do as your drowse by the pool. Just be sure to keep a journal or drawing pad close by to capture the illusive message so you can let it percolate into your system and help you into that creative life that Wildly Thriving Wise Women deserve.


Patty Adamik is an everyday shaman and creator of the Wildly Thriving Wise Woman program. She has over 25 years of helping women uncover blocks, release pain and claim their power through coaching, body work and energy medicine. She is an authorized Continuum Movement® Teacher, Certified Intuitive Artist and Advanced Zen Bodytherapy® practitioner. She is the featured presenter at Soul Sanctuary, 2017 retreat.

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