Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching Program

My Breakthrough Coaching Program teaches you gentle preventative self care stress remedies to find the source of subconscious stress and remove it.

Creating an abundant and joyful life isn’t really about money, how hard you work or how well connected you are. It is about creating the intention and establishing a habit of consciously aligning your thoughts and spoken intentions with your subconscious patterns, habits and core beliefs.

My 8 week program integrates these habits with a weekly lesson that gives you exercises to do daily, and easily, seamlessly shifts you to a more conscious you.

The Universe responds with your exact vibration. When you are clear and consistent in projecting your desired outcome, the results are clear and consistent.

My coaching programs teach you to do this for yourself  by setting new habits.

If you have experienced frustration or struggled with manifesting a desired outcome, it is almost certain that you have a subconscious core belief that is holding you back.

Get started with this Breakthrough Coaching program to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.

This Program Includes

Start with balance your chakras with teresa maronan overview of my system works, how stress affects your health, and if your Chakras are stressed, blocked or overstimulated. My easy-to-read chart on Symptoms of Balance teaches you to be aware of the signs of subconscious stress before they become a physical symptom.


You will receive this immediately, upon completing your purchase.

crystal and color healin to release stresWhen using gemstones for mind, body and spirit healing, you will notice the physical symptoms are the first to respond. Then the mind, especially roller coaster mood shifts. Then the spiritual healing takes over, heightening intuition, abundance and manifestation abilities.


This will arrive on the very next Monday, and includes a 4 part video tutorial, and an E Book. Each of your lessons will arrive on Monday after this, giving you a full week to process the information.

learn-to-read-the-akashic-records-with-teresa-maronFor those of you suffering with deeply buried subconscious stress, struggling to overcome childhood trauma, and unexplainable patterns, habits and conditioning you will find immediate relief with this technique. For those of you curious about the ancient practice of entering the Akashic records, you will get answers.

This workshop includes a workbook, an audio meditation journey, and a video tutorial. You will learn to prepare for the records in the audio journey. You will learn to visit the records by guided meditation in the video.

breakthrough coaching program with teresa maronWhen you become aware of the damage that stress causes, and take steps to reverse that damage sooner, you stay in preventative care, instead of allowing stress to get you into crisis management care. This is very self-empowering, healing symptoms of stress before they enter your physical body. Quick, easy, gentle, effective and non-interventive!

This includes and audio lesson, and workbook, with a daily exercise to complete.

Prevent-Disease-with-Chakra-BalanceEach chakra has specific physical, psychological and spiritual characteristics associated to each body part, organ and endocrine. The ultimate goal of chakra balance to prevent disease is to balance your energy flow in turn controlling your health.

This workbook and audio class takes your personal health into a deeper place, with a daily plan for balance.

Healing-Journeys-in-the-Akashic-recordsIf there is something in your life that your conscious mind says, yes, this could be better, then the way to make it better is to change the vibration until it is a match for your goal. You can feel and produce that vibration in the records. The more you practice the longer you will be able to hold the vibration out of the Akashic records, and through the regular ups and downs of life.

The Akashic records are a vibration that requires practice to sustain the value. This week we practice every day.

Energy-Healing-with-Gem-PrescriptionsKnowing the properties of each stone, how to focus, or program, a stone, and then where to put it and for how long is the study of gemstone therapy and crystal healing. It’s gentle, quick and no side effects! Creating Gem Prescriptions is the next step, using two or three to create a combination or a complimentary. Or, create a grid for long term results.

Get a Gem Prescription for every day, and finish with a grid! use the handy workbook to create your own.

Combine-Color-and-Gemstone-HealingColor is absorbed at the cellular level as a vibration and enters the Pituitary. Color is absorbed through the skin, affecting every cell in our bodies. Every color in the seven spectrum, has a special power, quality and essence all its own. When combined with gemstone healing can balance and amplify the energetic body, the chakras and the subtle body.

Adding the power of color with intention is on the agenda for this week.

breakthrough coaching program with teresa maronThe fastest, easiest and most effective way to manifest your destiny is to clear the stress from your energy field. This means clear the subconscious stress. Why? Because it gives you a clearer instrument to manifest with. Intuition comes from clarity. When you are conscious of what feels good, you are creating intentionally, from a powerful place.

This final week puts all the information together for a powerful meditation. manifesting is now a habit that is part of your daily routine.

breakthrough-coaching-program-with-teresa-maronThis week is a personal session with me to go over your Breakthrough Session results, from two months ago, and see what shifts have been made. I want to answer your questions, get your input and to set some new goals.

This is truly a Joyful Journey.



I, Teresa Maron started my energy medicine studies in 2001 by becoming a certified BodyTalk Energy practitioner, and then completed a Higher International Diploma in “Holistic Therapies” from Natural Health Sciences Center, London.

My studies focused on Color, Crystal and Gemstone therapies, kinesiology, hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy. Along the way, I also studied SRT, reiki and the Linda Howe professional method of Akashic Records reading.

My journey has led me to believe that healing is our birthright and my mission is to share these powerful tools with you.


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  • Teresa your deeply inspiring methods of stress management have changed my life, and given me peace. I feel more creative and alive. You have helped me open up to writing my book, and as life is short, if I can help others by writing, it helps me also.

    M. Molina
    Houston, TX
  • Thank you for giving me the tools to create my own health, and at such an affordable price! I am so ready to take control of the changes in my life!

    L. Boening
    Houston, TX
  • “From the minute I started using your methods I was aware of deep changes in the memories of my past. I feel clear now!”

    D Wilson
    Dallas, TX
  • After 2 years of traditional medicine for a chronic and painful condition, Teresa helped me see where my pain was coming from and gave me relief in just one session. After using her method for a year I am well. This is the one-on-one research that has resulted in her Intentional Meditation Series. I was part of it, and it works!

    L. Morris
    Dallas, TX
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