Breakthrough Coaching

Super Power Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough coaching teaches you to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.

If you have experienced frustration or struggled with manifesting a desired outcome, it is almost certain that you have a subconscious core belief that is holding you back.

Creating an abundant and joyful life isn’t really about money, how hard you work or how well connected you are. It is about creating the intention and establishing a habit of consciously aligning your thoughts and spoken intentions with your subconscious patterns, habits and core beliefs.

The Universe responds with your exact vibration. When you are clear and consistent in projecting your desired outcome, the results are clear and consistent. My coaching programs teach you to do this for yourself with intention and by setting new habits.

Intentional Healing

All of your Soul’s experiences, beliefs and emotions are held in your Energy Field. As a trained professional I can assist you in moving past your self-sabotaging patterns and lead you into embracing true abundance, joy and prosperity. Energy healing can act as a catalyst for change and often times feels like a load is lifted and the slate is cleaned.

All of my classes, programs and retreats teach you to access your Inner Wisdom and Soul records to do healing work around core issues connected to:

  • Lack of self worth and self control
  • Limited mindsets and behaviors around money
  • An inability to connect to your inner wisdom
  • Self love and/or self acceptance issues
  • An inability to focus in life and make clear decisions
  • Relationship baggage
  • Lack of purpose in life…

You are a Wise Woman and you need to self care.

You have such great power, and the world needs your gifts. People in your life need you clear and present. I know you know that is true. If you are here, you are a caregiver, a light worker, a healer and a therapist, even if you don’t currently have an office or a title. Others depend on you.

Mission: My commitment to my clients is to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.

Ready for YOUR Super Power Breakthrough?

Teresa giving a healing coaching sessionGET READY!

To get started, take this quick and easy survey*. This will provide me with a true snapshot of where your deeply buried subconscious stress is hiding and where to start to release it.

You can expect a heart felt and specific plan of action from me as a result.

Once I receive your information, we will set up a time that’s perfect for you to receive your Super Power Breakthrough Session.

Today’s Wise Woman knows moments of joy and shares the gift of optimism about the future. Don’t waste another moment from the rest of your journey. Find the fun and adventure in your life, and take your power back!

* Disclaimer : By submitting this questionnaire and request for a Super Power Breakthrough Consultation, you acknowledge that you are interested in coaching and or training services with Teresa Maron. You understand that space is limited and acceptance in this program is based on availability. You understand that participating in one of Teresa’s programs requires a financial investment and You am ready and able to make that commitment to yourself for personal development.



I, Teresa Maron started my energy medicine studies in 2001 by becoming a certified BodyTalk Energy practitioner, and then completed a Higher International Diploma in “Holistic Therapies” from Natural Health Sciences Center, London.

My studies focused on Color, Crystal and Gemstone therapies, kinesiology, hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy. Along the way, I also studied SRT, reiki and the Linda Howe professional method of Akashic Records reading.

My journey has led me to believe that healing is our birthright and my mission is to share these powerful tools with you.


Have a question regarding my services, programs or retreat?  

“My initial experience with Teresa with her Super Power Breakthrough Session was great as she is very knowledgeable and her energy is very soothing and reassuring.”

Teresa prepared a well organized questionnaire that once you fill out she’ll analyze and when you have the first phone session you know she already knows you well, based on the answers you provided and she gives great insights as to where the blocks are and how you can work through them.

I decided to sign up for her Breakthrough Coaching program and I’m looking forward to working with her.

Gyongyi Pinter, The Island Goddess

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  • Teresa your deeply inspiring methods of stress management have changed my life, and given me peace. I feel more creative and alive. You have helped me open up to writing my book, and as life is short, if I can help others by writing, it helps me also.

    M. Molina
    Houston, TX
  • Thank you for giving me the tools to create my own health, and at such an affordable price! I am so ready to take control of the changes in my life!

    L. Boening
    Houston, TX
  • “From the minute I started using your methods I was aware of deep changes in the memories of my past. I feel clear now!”

    D Wilson
    Dallas, TX
  • After 2 years of traditional medicine for a chronic and painful condition, Teresa helped me see where my pain was coming from and gave me relief in just one session. After using her method for a year I am well. This is the one-on-one research that has resulted in her Intentional Meditation Series. I was part of it, and it works!

    L. Morris
    Dallas, TX
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