Christmas Traditions and Rituals

Christmas Traditions and Rituals

The origin of many Christmas traditions come from pre-Christian rituals designed to honor the light – to hold out the promise of its return during the darkest time of year.

The Christmas traditions and rituals can indeed be a time of magic and joy, togetherness and celebration.  Sometimes though, they also bring a sense of isolation and depression.

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows the special pain of missing them during a special occasion.  And, if you are older and have lost many loved ones, it can be very difficult.

Even if you LOVE the celebrations, they can be stressful as you try to pack more into an already hectic schedule.

December is the time of year when there is so much activity around brightness and joy, sometimes you need to find time for memories that might not be so bright. This can be a very special way of celebrating Christmas traditions and rituals for yourself, to honor your deeper feelings.

“It takes uncommon humility to carry both the dark and the light side of things.”

Richard Rohr

A big cause of the stress and anxiety that occurs during this time of year is the attempt to deny any darkness in our current reality.  It’s exhausting to try to maintain a forced sense of gaiety that isn’t from the heart.

Christmas Traditions and RitualsHave you found yourself trying too hard, or feeling a little out of sync? My December Tune- Up Tuesday offering to you is a “Gift To Self” Ritual.

A way to hold both the dark and light side of things – during the holidays and throughout the year to come.

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