Continuum Movement for Healing and Transformation

Soul Sanctuary 2017 ReBirth Retreat with Continuum Movement

Are you longing for a Rebirth?

Soul Sanctuary March 18-25, 2017, a Healing Transformation Retreat in Huatulco, Mexico features  Continuum Movement® a in a luxury 5 Star Villa and spa on the Pacific.

Continuum Movement for healing and transformation is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being, providing a method to consciously explore yourself as an unfolding biological and planetary process. Water, and the fact that the body composition is mostly of water, is considered of great importance. Many Continuum participants consider this retreat to be a complete re-set, like a feeling of Re-Birth.

Continuum® Movement was pioneered by visionary Emilie Conrad

Emilie Conrad who was born and raised in New York City where she studied ballet and Afro-Haitian dance. Her early influences were Sevilla Fort, Katherine Dunham, Robert Joffrey and Don Farnsworth. Subsequently, she spent five years as a choreographer with a folklore company in Haiti furthering her interest in Haitian dance.

Continuum Movement for healing and transformationHer love for movement inspired her to discover the essential, primary movements common to all life forms that lie beneath cultural influence. These fundamental movements are a “cosmology” of life, where form is fluidly mutable, dissolving and shaping itself anew.

Continuum® is about the artistry of human existence…an inquiry into creative flourishing. –Emilie Conrad

Her work after her passing, in 2014, has continued with a group of dedicated teachers and healers who help guide the unfolding development of Continuum Movement. They have all been mentored by Emilie and hold her teachings and commitment to the work as gift.

One of these dedicated teachers is Patty Adamik, She has studied Continuum Movement for healing and transformation since 2000, training directly with Emilie Conrad, founder. In 2007, she participated in the first Continuum Wellsprings Practitioner training and in April of 2008 was authorized as a Continuum Movement teacher.

She has created a very special curriculum featuring Continuum Movement for healing and transformation called Soul Sanctuary Retreat-ReBirth.

The retreat takes place at a Five Star villa on a private bay in Huatulco Mexico. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking natural setting perfectly suited for growth, transformation and deep relaxation.

During this Soul Sanctuary retreat, you will use the Breath/Sound streams of Continuum Movement® to awaken your inner Fluid Intelligence.

Shedding the skin of old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve your highest good, you will journey deep into our bio-cosmic heritage and emerge with fresh perspectives, enhanced creativity and clearer purpose.

It’s time to rewrite your own personal myth.

With the blue waters of the azure Pacific coast as inspiration, Soul Sanctuary offers the opportunity to dive into your deepest self and to draw from the wellspring of your own creative spirit.

Continuum Movement retreat with Teresa MaronAll the cares and stress of everyday living fall away as you leave the realm of the ordinary and enter into the ancient rhythms of this sacred land. The cadence of life in a natural setting invites you into an array of sensory delights. Suddenly, you know, this is where you are meant to be – in this time out of time to rejuvenate the essential core of your being.

Through movement, drawing and journaling you will acquire new resources to secure this vision and allow it to blossom into reality. When you return to your everyday life, nothing will never be ordinary again.

Soul Sanctuary Retreat-ReBirth, March 18-25, 2017

a Healing Transformation Retreat featuring Continuum Movement

Soul Sanctuary 2017 with Patty AdamikPatty Adamik,  certified Continuum Movement teacher, is passionate about helping others discover their unique path through life.

She artfully blends Ancient Wisdom and the latest in mind-body research to create a safe space for profound healing and transformation experiences.


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