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summer solstice retreat 2017

I created the Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman because I personally believe that these time outs are what allows us to age gracefully and create the reality of agelessness.

Many women find their most productive, healthy and creative years shut down by perceived rejection. They feel invisible, unattractive, unappreciated, and have very few conversations that really share deeply inspired connection and acknowledgement of their unique gifts.

Taking some time for yourself, to rejuvenate, have fun and focus on what you want to transform, release and create, allows you to make a shift back to self-care very quickly.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to do some deep cleansing. Last summer I took a week to explore the healing and rejuvenation treatments of southern Oaxaca Mexico with a friend. We wanted new experiences that supported health, fitness and healing. We chose an elegant villa overlooking a pristine private bay as our home base.

First, we tried the authentic temezcal herbal steam cleanse, with a river clay masque and massage treatment. Local practitioners who specialize in reiki, and spiritual cleansing with shamanic rituals have created a wonderful treatment center, without losing any of the traditional feel. It was a simple and luxurious pleasure!

A temazcal is a treatment done in a type of sweat lodge, usually a circular dome, but it’s usually a permanent structure, unlike sweat lodges in other regions. The word “temazcal” means house of heat. It is used to purify the body, heal the sick, stimulate lymphatic function and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated. Volcanic stones are safe because they do not explode from the temperature. They are then placed in a pit located in the center or near a wall of the temazcal. Fragrant and healing herbs are burned on the rocks to produce a thick smoke entering your body through open pores and deep breathing.

The experience unfolded like a ritual. As we walked into the verdant grounds we saw the circular lodge, smelled an intriguing incense and heard the stirring of drum music mixed with magical wind chimes. My soul was transported to another time and place and I realized the journey had begun. My mind disengaged and my body responded to the call of an ancient culture.

The staff was lovely, and had us into the lodge quickly. They built up the fire and as the herbed smoke started to permeate my lungs I realized why this is so healing. I was beginning to breathe deeply, and the sweat was pouring. I wondered if it would make me sick to release toxins so quickly but after about 10 minutes I knew this was to be a gentle cleanse.

My body released stress, toxins and tension from every muscle. After about 30create the reality of agelessness minutes, we came out and were rubbed down with soothing river clay. As it dried, tightening our pores, we were served an herbed tea. The moment was so delicious we knew we had to commemorate Elegant Clay Faces!

We were invited to a shower in the beautiful outdoor air surrounded by tropical plants.  I was feeling so alive! Next came a full body massage. Luxury, but so natural, simple, basic and real. I can’t wait to go back.

summer solstice 2retreat 017Other experiences of note was a delicious Oaxacan Chocolate massage, and a 2 hour lymphatic drainage at the very exclusive Celeste Spa, overlooking the private bay.

Swimming in the ocean every day, hiking and a private chef making fresh healthy food added to the health, fitness and healing intention.

The local mescal made sure we were relaxed. Oh Very!

The years just drop from your face as you experience this type of health retreat. You tone up, drop a few pounds, laugh and soften. You sit outside for morning coffee and watch the birds, and find a rhythm that comes from unplugging and getting off the grid. You create the reality of agelessness.

I am making this a yearly event. Summer Solstice 2017 in Huatulco Mexico isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds like just what you are looking for, then Get the Full Schedule.


I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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