Crystal Healing Retreat

crystal healing with teresa maron

Crystal Healing Retreat

You Might Be A Crystal Healer if………

Have you ever felt an undeniable connection to a crystal or a gemstone? Have you wondered what the mystery of these beautiful gifts of nature is all about? Why are we drawn to them? What, if any, powers do they possess and can they really heal?

Learn Crystal Healing in the luxurious surroundings of a private villa on the the Mexican Pacific Coast.

crystal healing retreat

Crystal Healing Retreat with Teresa Maron

July 15-22, 2017

Huatulco, Mexico

Wake up every morning with a view of the Pacific Ocean

Learn daily techniques of healing including chakra balance, elixirs and grids

Find a treasure from local artisans with unique one-of-a-kind creations

Charge your personal power stones in the energy of the Pacific ocean

Swim in a warm, gentle nurturing private bay and feel young again

Create a Dreamcatcher with your intentions woven into it

Enjoy the luxury of a Private Villa with chef, private room, and private bath

Daily instruction and course curated by expert Teresa Maron

Crystal healing retreat 2017with teresa maron

Goals for this Crystal Healing Retreat

Knowing the properties of each stone, how to focus, or program, a stone, and then where to put it and for how long is the study of gemstone therapy and crystal healing. It’s gentle, quick and no side effects! This retreat is a deep dive into using crystals and gemstones for healing, abundance, manifestation and deepening intuition. Along the way, we will relax, eat healthy, enjoy nature and meet new friends. You will laugh, breathe and drop years of stress. This is a trip for those who need a week away from stress!

This is for you if:

Our Crystal Healing Retreat is suitable for those new to the craft or more advanced. Our days will be structured for casual learning, relaxing around the pool or at the beach. We will travel into town to visit artisans in the area who create jewelry from semi precious and precious stones. You might find a treasure!

The calm and safe for swimming beach is steps away, and is home to a first class spa with treatments common to the area. Oaxacan coffee and mescal massage, and body slimming lymphatics are two that I have tried. Just perfect!

Is this right for me?

More details

crystal healing to release stressSafety

Our villa in Huatulco is an upscale gated area that has tight security and many permanent residents from all over the world.

From the time you arrive you will be in private taxis, stay in a gated million dollar neighborhood and have American hosts for your visit.


There are stairs as the Villa is built on a hill overlooking the stunning ocean view. This adds drama to the sunset, but if this is a concern for you, it might not work.

Air Reservations

Book your flight out of Houston, IAH, to leave Saturday, July 15 at 11 am on United.  Your flight is not included in the price.


The food, lodging, materials and taxis are included in the price.

Shopping, spa treatments (amazing) and alcohol is not.

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