Crystal Healing to Release Stress

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Crystal healing to release stress can make a real difference in your energy levels and ability to process and release negative impact from daily challenges. I have included a crystal healing video below.

Have you ever felt an undeniable attraction to a crystal or a gemstone? Have you wondered what the mystery of these beautiful gifts of nature is all about? Why are we drawn to them? What, if any, powers do they possess and can they really heal?

Crystals have a special vibration, like a super power, but can they really change our health, in body, mind and spirit? The answer is both yes and no.

Compare crystal healing to release stress to the power of medicinal herbs or reiki energy healing. Both must be activated, and intentionally focused to heal. Or it doesn’t work.

Echinacea is a powerful medicinal herb, and fighter of infection, but the healing powers must be released by proper methods, from a trained herbalist. If you just go out and pick the flower, it’s beautiful, and actually, the power of the mind is strong. You might feel better.

But in the hands of an herbalist, this beautiful flower becomes true medicine, and fulfills the purpose that it was created for.

Reiki is an amazing healing energy, and many beginners have results. But it is a whole different experience from a trained energy worker who has spent years in the process and has enough experience to specialize a treatment to each individual.

If the herb or energy isn’t prepared just right it simply does nothing, no harm done. Crystal healing to release stress is the same.

Knowing the properties of each stone, how to focus, or program, a stone, and then where to put it and for how long is the study of crystal healing. It’s gentle, quick and no side effects! Let’s start with a simple Gem Prescription for relaxation from a very busy day.

Crystal Healing to Release Stress

4 Amethysts crystal healing to release stress

2 Citrines

1 Clear Crystal

What to do

Lie down. Place the amethysts on your stomach, spaced comfortably around your solar plexus.

Put the citrines under your pillow, so that they are on either side of your head. And hold the crystal in your right hand.

Close your eyes and slow down your breathing.

Don’t steer your thoughts. Just let your mind go where it wants.

Absolute quiet and soothing light is best.

In 15 minutes you will be refreshed. Remove the stones, place them in a special place and go about your day.

Long Term Benefits

Now this practice will work without the stones. It is a relaxation technique that is very basic. But the stones will gently start to take on your special vibration, and your intention to relax, and they will rid you of stressful thoughts quicker each time. After awhile, just seeing them will relax you. And you will go into a deeper state of relaxation each time you use them.

Amethysts and Citrines are the same type of crystal that have each been colored by a different metal in the process of centuries of growth. The general properties of amethysts are to bring peace and tranquility to the environment. Citrines are known to remove and repel negative thoughts. Combined they are a perfect pair for stress reduction. Used together they illustrate a technique called complimentaries.

Color and Crystal healing are complimentary modalities. Combining them in energy healing workshops is particularly useful for Chakra Balance, in acute symptoms like fever or digestive issues.

For our sample relaxation gem prescription today we used color complimentaries, yellow and purple, and put them on the opposite chakra than the usual. Stress usually affects the 3rd Chakra, solar plexus, and 7th chakras, crown, first, so the balance technique layout we used is a perfect match for stress.

When using gemstones for mind, body and spirit healing, you will notice the physical symptoms are the first to respond. Then the mind, especially roller coaster mood shifts. Then the spiritual healing takes over, heightening intuition, abundance and manifestation abilities.

Crystal healing to release stress works, so let’s learn how to get started using this ancient and elegant craft! Enjoy this short demonstration of a crystal healing video excerpt from Crystal and Color Healing to Release Stress.


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