Day of the Dead Retreat 2016

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Come experience the Day of the Dead 2016 Retreat – the most time-honored and spiritual holiday of Oaxaca

Calling on your inner artist, to visit and experience the culture of Oaxaca City. This is considered one of the “must visit areas” in the world for art, cuisine and of course, the Day of the Dead.

Many of us have lost a loved one and want to connect with them in a very personal way. This celebration is unlike any other. You will leave with a wonderful understanding of the culture and the timeless beauty and peace of the honoring of the ancestors in this very spiritual way. We will take the opportunity to completely immerse in the art and the cuisine as well. Museums, walks through the village and shopping the local artisans will make up our days, and exploring the cafe’s and world class restaurants will thrill our evenings. These are just some experiences of the week of Day of the Dead!

  • Visit local artists’ studios and personally meet some renowned Oaxacan artists
  • Shopping the local market, and returning to cook and eat authentic Oaxacan food with an award winning chef
  • Mescal sampling bar on the Zocalo


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Celebrate the History

During the Day of the Dead 2016 retreat we will see an example of the harmonious relationship between Christianity and the pre-hispanic traditions found in the state of Oaxaca.

Although Día de los Muertos is recognized all over Mexico, Oaxaca has become known for it’s ornately rich celebrations venerating the return of their deceased loved ones on November 1st and 2nd.

day of the dead 2016 retreatIn the state capital, Oaxaca City, the festivities of Day of the Dead begin a week before the 1st and 2nd of November with the commencement of the “Plaza de los Muertos.” This elaborate initiation takes place in each city market, but principally in the Mercado de Abastos. In each plaza one may find all the necessary items to prepare for the arrival of the dead including the ingredients for traditional dishes such as mole negro, pan de yema, and Oaxacan chocolate. One will also find a grand assortment of flowers used to decorate the sacred altars dedicated to the deceased.

The celebration of Muertos is most commonly known as Todos Santos, or All Saints. This day is often the most celebrated day of the year. The altars found in the homes of the villagers and in cemeteries are honored by all. It is most commonly located in the cemetery and during the course of Muertos, one will find the graves wonderfully decorated with candles, flowers and food.

During this time the living join together to rejoice the return of their ancestors. Visiting cemeteries and homes enables one to enjoy the richness of this celebration. The energy of the occasion is awesome. All present rejoice in the happy reunions, and you too shall feel the presence of the departed souls returned!

Space is very limited, as are flights in.
Reserve your spot as soon as you can!


You will be invoiced the balance in 30 days.

Final Payment Due a minimum of 30 days before we travel.

Have additional questions? Feel free to CONTACT ME at anytime and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP!


October 30-November 6, 2016


Oaxaca City
Oaxaca, Mexico


Airfare Travel screen with Teresa Maron

Airfare is not included in your fee. There is only ONE non-stop flight on United, from IAH to OAX : Book My Flight

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Snapshot of Your Itinerary & Accommodations

International travel can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. My role is to personally curate each aspect of the trip, with personal recommendations from friends and colleagues for every vendor, and each experience. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll experience during Dy of the Dead 2016 Retreat!

day of the dead 2016 retreatArrive late and settle in or and have a evening night snack by the pool. We will wear costumes for the next 2 days, so let’s plan it!

The City Welcomes Us!

Art project with Teresa, making our accessories for our costumes to experience the Day of the Dead parade. Explore the Zocala all afternoon in costume, shopping for our Ancestor ritual and dinner at an outdoor delight, one of Oaxaca’s premier restaurants, Dinner Included.

This morning we will visit the awesome ancient city of Monte Alban. We will afterwards enjoy a festive lunch at traditional restaurant and then have make up sessions before setting off to the village of Soledad Etla to take part in the traditional Comparsa Parade! This is a parade that many villages organize in which most dress as spirits and dance thru their streets to the rhythm of brass bands. We can walk along with the parade from one village to another to enjoy this festive and colorful custom.

The Oaxacan Culinary Adventure

Morning class with Market Tour, lunch, tour of a local Rancho, learning from a celebrated master chef, cooking authentic Oaxacan food and enjoying the 5 course result! (lunch and dinner included)

day of the dead 2016 retreatFree day to explore, on our own, finding those nooks and crannies we have noticed in the previous days, and winding up for happy hour at the coolestMescal Tasting Bar. (I’m thinking this is the day you will see the museums in the city, and re visit vendors of special interest.)

Professional guide takes us out of the city to meet local artisans and see them at work, in their homes and studios making ethnic jewelry, colorful woodcarvings, natural-colored Zapotec rugs, beautiful embroidered textiles, extraordinary pottery, etc.

Relaxed morning, packing, journaling and sharing, then into the city to say our loving goodby’s. We”ll have a pro cooking class at 5pm, to learn cocktails and appetizers, and then a little local color with live music on the Zocalo.

Enjoy Beautiful & Healing Stay

The Day of the Dead 2016 retreat takes place in an oasis in the heart of Oaxaca City. It has exactly what Wise Women want and need for a spiritual adventure. It is 10 minutes away from the city center and is just like staying in a private home. We will have a peaceful retreat for personal reflection each morning and go to the city for the afternoons and evenings. Conveniently located, with open luxurious common areas, and outdoor spaces and a gorgeous pool to invite reflection. Each of 3 single rooms has a private bath, with 2 doubles available with a shared bath. Our private sanctuary within minutes of all the activities.

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Day of the Dead 2016 Retreat-This trip is highly personal and the spiritual healing you will experience is life altering. People from all over the world come to this celebration to shift their perception of death, dying, loss and forgiveness. If you are called to this experience it is right for you and you will surely experience the joy of this celebration. Because it so popular, it is necessary to act, to hold your place in the group and on the plane to travel. If this is calling you, act now.

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