Deep Longing of Your Soul


Is there some deep longing of your soul is calling you?  A voice or even something softer that is calling you to a big and bold and “not at all assured of success” action?  Are you letting fear and insecurity get the better of you? A little bit of how dare you goes a long way.

September is a month of fruition and a call to balance and sustenance. That next step is easy when you are sure of where you are. A good way to know when the time is right to take action is to honor your accomplishments and get balance through nurturing our body, mind and spirit.

Fall is the time to prepare your body, mind and soul for the coming weather, and the Earth is calling you.

Mother Earth puts on a bountiful display of ripening grains, beautiful blossoms and plump juicy fruits at this time of year.  Take some time for yourself this month to appreciate the bounty in your own life.

Allow yourself the opportunity to recognize all that you have accomplished so far this year.  Tend to the delicate transition from the long days of summer to the lengthening shadows of autumn.

The monarch butterfly is a great symbol for September as thousands of them prepare for the arduous trek to their wintering grounds in Mexico.  They move from a deep inner instinct that compels them on their way.  Even though they won’t all be successful, they go anyway.

The energy of September emboldens you to take the leap.  The journey will be its own reward and whatever is waiting at the end, you will not regret the effort.

This month is a call to acknowledge the fullness of your own life.  Your special Tune-Up Tuesday gift is an exercise book of beautiful September images, affirmations and soul-probing questions.

September Tune Up Tuesday Gift

Let your heart be filled with the golden rays of a September sunset.  Let your heart and soul creatively express the fullness of your own wonderful, magical life.


Patty Adamik is an everyday shaman and creator of the Wildly Thriving Wise Woman program. She has over 25 years of helping women uncover blocks, release pain and claim their power through coaching, body work and energy medicine. She is an authorized Continuum Movement® Teacher, Certified Intuitive Artist and Advanced Zen Bodytherapy® practitioner. She is the featured presenter at Soul Sanctuary, 2017 retreat.

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