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Why do you create challenging relationships, patterns and problems? Maybe you have stored imprints from past unhappy, troubling and unresolved stress in your Energy Field, or worse, in your organs, endocrines and other parts of your physical body. Find the answer with one of these compelling energy healing workshops.

I, Teresa Maron, creator of the Intentional Meditation Series, am a consultant on the subject of the deadly effects of stress. My programs, classes and private sessions teach you to understand where your stress is coming from, and how it affects your health, happiness and ability to succeed.

As you become proactive to release this stress, you will start to create better cells, as your body naturally replaces them. This is the most self-empowering preventative care in our world. Rid yourself of stress before it becomes a mental, emotional or physical disease. Forever.

Take Control Over Your Stress

7 Signs your Chakras are Stressed, Blocked or Over Stimulated

In this entry level energy healing workshop I will teach you to immediately recognize and release stress before it becomes a physical symptom.

This course can be ordered online, or done as a presentation.

  • Do you struggle to really take care of yourself? chakra balance e book with teresa maron
  • Is there a constant undertone of worry?
  • Are you in a relationship that isn’t intimate?
  • Do you have a hard time feeling completely relaxed?
  • Do you have an ongoing chronic condition?
  • Do you find yourself repeating self-destructive habits?
  • Has feeling good turned into feeling good enough?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, you do have subconscious stress, and it is being renewed with every cell you create.

This works great as short program for your business, professional meeting, or special event. For groups, I provide a download of this E Book to every participant.


Only when you have faced your subconscious stress will you truly be free to live an abundant life! Let’s face it, not everyone struggles with the same issues as you. Some people seem A-OK. Maybe they didn’t have the upbringing or challenges you did, but more likely they have just learned to control their emotional response to deeply buried stress. And, so can you.

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Or, check out these classes online:

Learn To Read the Akashic Records


This 2-hour energy healing workshop will take each participant into the records, and teach the steps to repeat the experience on your own.

The Akashic records are a vibration, like a radio channel, that is part of the collective consciousness. learning to “tune in” takes a technique and some practice, but once felt it is easy to return again and again. For those who struggle with a specific problem, over and over, and can’t seem to break the cycle this will benefit you in a really magical and very quick way.

Other benefits are to heighten your intuition and expand your ability to create, experience joy and positive energy.

Meditate with Color, Crystals & Gemstones


In this 2-hour workshop I teach you to craft a meditation ritual for specific outcomes, using color, crystals and gemstones.

These ritual tools are especially helpful to read and interpret the guidance you receive after the ritual from your spirit guides.

Meditation is communication with your subconscious mind, getting clear about what you want, and seeing clearly what are false projections from yourself and others.

Many of us have so many traumas and repetitive negative actions it’s hard to tell the real from the shadows.

Learn Energy Medicine

This is a six week series, designed to add the basics of Energy medicine into your daily habits. Each week focuses on one of the following topics.

The class is hands on and experiential, and has a weekly quiz to be completed for the next week. You will learn how energy medicine and holistic principals work, the history and background of each modality, and how it is best used for fast results in today’s modern society.

  • Daily Energy Balance Check Up
  • Prevent Disease with Chakra Balance
  • Healing Journeys Into the Akashic Records
  • Energy healing with Gem Prescriptions
  • Combine Color and Gemstone Healing
  • Meditate to Manifest Your Dreams

By the end of the six weeks you will be sparkling with a new outlook on life, higher vibrational vigor and positive healing energy.


gem prescriptions with teresa maron

Self Care through Chakra Balance

My system teaches you an easy gentle and self-empowering way to add preventative care to your daily routine.

The results are quick and long lasting.

In this hands-on class we learn to check our Chakras and do a daily balance using:

  • Kinesiology
  • Color Balance
  • Crystal and Gemstone Balance

Class attendance fee of $45.00

Next class March 10, 2-4:00 at Habitat House

10037 Hazelhurst Dr,

Houston, TX 77080

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energy healing workshops with teresa maron


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