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Teresa Maron Spiritual AdventuressI am so happy to support your Journey with a free consultation.  Holistic stress management is one of the most important ways to care for your health, to prevent aging and disease. My comprehensive system of gentle self care will help with your daily routine.

Many people contact me when they are going through a difficult time. Others just want a refresher, like an Energy Boost.

The most important thing is to keep your stress and the effects of it from being buried in the subconscious mind where it is stored in your energy field.

It’s one thing to be upset, or depressed, and aware of it. It’s another to be in denial, trying to pull off the “I’m Just Fine” routine.

My programs and services are designed to get rid of the buried stress, and keep you from making any more stress deposits.

Over time, you will look and feel healthier on every level!

What is your goal with our Free Consultation?free consultation with Teresa Maron

  • Specific Question about a struggle or challenge
  • Personal Gem Prescription
  • Questions about Holistic Stress Management Products
  • Support with an ongoing stressful situation
  • One on One Programs and Personal Self Care Services

Your free consultation with Teresa Maron will explain a system of daily self care to prevent aging, disease and the many health problems related to stress.

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I will look over your quiz to connect with your answers, so when you call me for your Free Consultation, we make a real connection. Using the quiz as a guide we will explore a discovery session of how to reach your goals using a daily system of self care, personal awareness and stress release techniques.

You can expect a heart felt and specific recommendation.

Joyfully, Teresa Maron

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