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Welcome to Gems of  Wisdom Radio  with Teresa Maron and Lauren Santerre!

Join Teresa Maron and co-host Lauren Santerre for the stories of Brigid’s Place, as God transforms the hearts, minds, and lives of women today. 

These stories celebrate Creative and Abundant Living in all religions, communities and forms of spirituality.

Tune IN!

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Expert Guests teaching  Spirituality, Wednesdays, 2-3:00pm CST Tune IN! 

Gems of Wisdom Radio

Informative and Relevant Content with a Transformational theme. Our show brings together Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators, heart centered in service and committed to your personal growth!      Listen Here!

Gems of Wisdom, 2-3:00pm CST  Live or in the Archives

St Brigid left a powerful legacy of Love, Charity and Compassion, as she saw in each person, the face of the divine.These stories celebrate all religion, community and spirituality. These are the Gems of Wisdom. Teresa Maron, a Houston based writer, producer and teacher is your host, with Lauren Santerre, Executive Director of Brigid’s Place. Our featured guests are experts who share their stories of transformation through Intuitive, Creative and Abundant Living. Tune IN!

They are the change makers! Listen in as they bring their stories to life for you, on Gems of Wisdom.

Who are our Guests?

3dc30f_bc949fabc6514eb68d6463c7d9d980c7.jpg_srz_p_179_193_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzGems of Wisdom-Purple Songs Can Fly 3/4

This week our guest is Anita Kruse, with Purple Songs Can Fly. Anita and her award winning staff are every day angels using music as their ministry. Their Mission is: Positively affecting the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families through the writing, recording and sharing of their original songs. She fulfills this mission statement for in-patient and out-patient children, at her recording studio at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers. Listen to Anita’s Show!


widget_custom_image_9_1383247943Gems of Wisdom-Sharing Your Stories 2/25

This week our guest is Carey Anne Vorholt,  who Shares Your Story through photography art. Carey  says, ” I believe women should take the time to celebrate who they are and embrace their beauty. As women, our stories are entwined with those around us, but we are separate souls. We should remember that we are enough and we are beautiful.” Hear Carey’s show here!


Monette_2Gems of Wisdom-Seeking the Sacred 2/18

This week our guest is Monette Chilson, whose life goal is Seeking the Sacred.
Monette says, ” Those three words sum up the motivation behind every one of my passions in life. My writing, my marriage, my parenting, my photography, my yoga. And not in a way that is confined by church walls.
Hear Monette’s show here!


Share Your Story of Transformation with the Women of Brigid’s Place!

Gems of Wisdom-St Brigid’s Feast

“I  so enjoyed being a guest on Gems of Wisdom. Teresa and Lauren keep the focus squarely on the guest! After the show the interview is available as a link in the archives, as a wonderful memory for us all. What could be better than that?” Lanecia Rouse-Tinsley, Program Director, Brigid’s Place

Hear Lanecia’s show here   Request to be a guest here!

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  • We create bridges for women of all faiths to trust, find and follow their path of spiritual expression.
  • Spirituality is an expression that is shared, communicated and supported with works of action.
  • Brigid’s Place has a history of encouraging Christian and interfaith dialogue.

Our history: Brigid’s Place has historically served several nonprofits that serve the Houston Community, one being Brigid’s Hope that mentors, houses and serves women who are transitioning from a  life incarcerated back into lives that honor themselves, their families and serves  the new communities they are creating for themselves. Brigid’s Place produces public performance and arts programs that honor the women who honor, serve and follow Christ.

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Lauren Santerre, Executive Director
Brigid’s Place

Education, dialogue and celebrations

that foster the spiritual transformation of women.

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Cathy Whitman-Ingham, CEO, Green Planet Sanctuary

Our mission is to be a resource for those who wish to live the best life possible – in a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

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