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Welcome to Gems of Wisdom Radio  with Teresa Maron!

Helping You, So You Can Help Others!

Teresa Maron, a Houston based writer, producer and teacher is your host. Teresa’s featured guests are experts on topics she is passionate about, healing ourselves, supporting our community and healing our planet through Creative and Abundant Living. Tune IN!

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Expert Guests teaching  Self Help, Personal Development, and Spirituality, Wednesdays, 2-3:00pm CST Tune IN! 

Gems of Wisdom Radio

Informative and Relevant Content with a Self Help and Motivational theme, Teresa brings together Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators, heart centered in service and committed to your personal growth! Sign Up for the Gem of the Day for Guest Updates, Specials, and Free Gifts.     Listen Here!

Gems of Wisdom, 2-3:00pm CST  Live or in the Archives

Our Guests, the Gems, all have a story to tell. Some of them have started a Unique business or created a work of art. Some have a cause they are passionate about or are very busy  “Being the Change they want to see.” One thing they all have in common is that they are in action, working to bring better lives to their community. They are the change makers! Listen in as they bring their stories to life for you, on Gems of Wisdom.

Who is My Perfect Guest?

Are you an Entrepreneur, Artist, and Active in your Community? Do you bring a Unique Event, Service or Product to the World? Well, I would love to hear your story and help you share it with the Listeners of Gems of Wisdom Radio. The benefits of doing a 30 minute radio show to market your product, event or service are many. Request to be a guest here!

Show Yourself as an Expert in Your Field!

Melanie HarrellYour show will be promoted with a designated web page on Blogtalk Radio, see example here, with 2 images of your choice, and a live link to your website. This page will be archived indefinitely. After the show you can download the audio to embed in your website.

“I have so enjoyed being a guest on Gems of Wisdom. A generous host, Teresa keeps the focus squarely on the guest! After Teresa works her magic on the air, the interview is available as a link for websites, newsletters, etc. What could be better than that?” Melanie Harrell   Contact Melanie Here

Get Results

This is a cost effective way to launch a new product, service or event, and a perfect way to give new visitors to your website an up close and personal discussion of your Unique product, service and vision. It Works! Register here, and schedule your show!


Our target market is interested in a positive message, seeking self help tips from Experts in the Holistic and motivational genre. Is this right for you?

Teresa has been building her following on Gems of Wisdom Radio for 6 years, with an impressive archive to show for it. She has a reputation for amazing content and entertaining guests, with an Inspirational Message. Her shows gives relevant content from Experts who care about personal development.

She thoroughly markets the show, on social media, her blog, newsletter and NEW, her Gem of the Day app. Her guests are all Entrepreneurs, Artists, teachers and healers who are marketing the show as well, so you can expect to reach thousands of people through direct marketing, with an estimated 52 million Americans on Blogtalk radio being able to find you through searches on their site.

Advertisers receive a one minute audio commercial, which will be played on the show, either at the beginning, or at half time. You will receive this commercial as an Mp3 for use on your site as well. If you are interested in advertising please contact me.

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