Grow Your Spiritual Business


Grow Your Spiritual Business

A successful retreat with your expert curriculum, personal guidance and intuitive skills, will elevate your participants to reach new heights and become loyal brand ambassadors for you. The experience will be a number one memory. They will be your very best referrals and give glowing testimonials for years to come. It will grow your spiritual business.

Do You Have Time to do a Destination retreat?

Let’s face it, we’re busy! We’re inundated with work, family, health, financial issues, new technology, keeping up with friendships, networking, pets and repairs. Do you have time to add another thing to your schedule? Even if it will grow your spiritual business?

The Benefits to your Clients

If you are like me, your clients are as important as family. By offering your VIP clients an opportunity to join you in a beautiful and relaxing remote area, and leaving behind daily routines, your participants will be able to go more deeply within themselves and get more results. In short, they will be more present for you to present to and will receive more value! And it will give you an opportunity to grow as a teacher as well. It might be worth it.

The retreat location you choose is key for a stress free and flowing program. The choice of unique activities you introduce as part of your program will need to stimulate examination of inner thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, and add to the results you intend.

So back to the question. Do you really have the time to research, price check, plan menus and find that perfect one of a kind excursion? And plan a stimulating knock it out of the park VIP program?

How we can help

Our services give you the opportunity to focus on planning your program before and presenting it during the event. We will handle the rest. We encourage you to step into a carefully vetted venue and retreat format that suits your program perfectly. This allows you to “Stay in the Zone” and focused on the retreat goal.

We have many to choose from in one of the most pristine, ecologically conscious places in the world, Huatulco, Mexico.  Because of my many years of travel in the area you will step into a feeling of family that is hard to find when visiting for the first time.

As an example of our service before we travel, you’ll receive a Customized Travel Itinerary, marketing materials and a Detailed timeline for promoting and filling your retreat. In addition to marketing support on site, we will be happy to document your success, with professional photography, audio blogs and in writing, preserving the experience for you to share for years to come. This is the way to grow your spiritual business.

There’s much more to planning a successful retreat, and we want to personalize our services to your heart centered business.

Schedule a Collaboration Consultation and let’s see how we can design your next Destination Retreat!

Schedule a Collaboration Consultation

Consultations are confidential. We will discuss 3 areas of importance to establish a plan to promote a retreat featuring your programs to your VIP clients at a retreat destination in Huatulco, Mexico.

  • How do I choose a perfect retreat destination?
  • How long will it take to plan this?
  • How can I make this profitable?

I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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