Healthy Aging

Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging

How to Live to 100 Years of Age with the Body of a Healthy 50-Year Old and the Mind of a 25-Year Old.

Written by Red O’Laughlin

healthy aging with teresa maronAsk your doctor what causes aging and how to slow it down.  He or she can’t tell you – they don’t know. There are two causes of aging and you can accelerate or decelerate those causes.

Red shares some of his Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging, Listen IN!

Here are three quick secrets to healthy aging by slowing the aging process.

  • One, eat way less than you do – about 10 calories per pound for the weight you want to be – and, those calories have to be balanced nutritionally.
  • Two, eat less often than most people – try a twelve, fifteen or eighteen-hour intermittent fast daily.
  • Three, reduce stress several times a day – through smiling, laughter, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.

healthy aging with Teresa MaronThere are two primary causes of aging. This book identifies those factors that accelerate or decelerate the aging processes.

You have the ability to control and influence your quality of life as you grow older.

Have the body of a healthy 50-year old and the brain of a 25-year old when you attain the age of 100 using the Longevity Secrets in this book. You are either growing or decaying. Take no action and you will continue to decay as you age.

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Red shares in his book, ” People are convinced that fat is what makes you fatter, but some fats are needed for a healthy balanced diet.

Red discusses health from a cellular level, with  the point of view that healthy aging and longevity are based in cause and effect. If you instill good habits then it causes a good effect. He discusses, among many other topics, endocrines, toxins, sleep, heart health and laughter.

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Healthy Aging with Teresa MaronRed O’Laughlin is unique in the health and wellness niche.

He researches what happens in the human body at the cellular level, biochemically speaking. He looks for cause and effect relationships.

If you treat symptoms, you will always treat symptoms. You must treat the cause of a problem to fix it.

Red is a retired Navy Captain and spends his retirement years researching, writing and speaking.

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