July Tune-up Tuesday

July Tune-up Tuesday

July is a month of contrast and one of questioning the value of independence.

The theme of our Tune up Tuesday is how we create the balance between personal independence and dedicating time for service to community. Astrology gives us a clue to this contrast, and why it is a balancing a act.

July straddles 2 signs: Cancer, a water sign which is one of movement, flow and adaptation and Leo, a very strong individualistic and leadership energy. Both are important and rather than contradictory, are in fact complimentary. There is room for both in a balance life but the big question is: Do I really believe this or do I just think I believe this?

Your special gift for the month is a July Independence Think Book to help you examine your core beliefs around IndependenceSelf, Family and Community.

The theme of Independence comes up as a result of both the USA’s July 4th Independence day celebration and also France’s Bastille Day.

Both nations were formed as free thinking Democracies at a time when that was (and in many places still is) a radical new idea. That a nation can hold many different viewpoints and even cultural elements yet still create a cohesive and inclusive society is a bold experiment in living.

Be an independence style thinking individual is not a ‘been there – done that’ deal. It requires frequent self-examination and critical thinking. Resisting societal pressures toward group think and following the crowd is not the easiest path, yet the individuals that continually do that and also keep in mind the benefit of society as a whole are the innovators and leaders of this world.

I know its summer, time to laze around the pool and relax.

While you are day dreaming and musing, I invite you to take some time to fill out my gift and explore Independence:

July Think Book from Patty

You might just be surprised at what you discover about yourself.

Thanks for being a part of Tune-Up Tuesday family.


Patty Adamik is an everyday shaman and creator of the Wildly Thriving Wise Woman program. She has over 25 years of helping women uncover blocks, release pain and claim their power through coaching, body work and energy medicine. She is an authorized Continuum Movement® Teacher, Certified Intuitive Artist and Advanced Zen Bodytherapy® practitioner. She is the featured presenter at Soul Sanctuary, 2017 retreat.

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