Leave Your Cares Behind

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Leave your cares behind

When you leave your cares behind for a week, you clear your mind, refresh your body and find your joy! Many of the women I talk to have lost touch with fun and adventure that used to be what they really loved about themselves. Routines and responsibilities have taken the place of trying new things, and the magic of creating spontaneously. Our Wise Woman Adventure retreats explore the theme of “Go Off the Grid, and Out of this World.” 

View from your balcony
So, let me tell about the location that I have chosen for this experience. We fly into Huatulco Mexico, on a non stop flight out of Houston on United. 2 hours later we will be met by a private taxi and be transported to a gated, guarded community, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in southern Mexico.
Our private villa is owned by a California family, who built it from the ground up over 60 years ago, and have opened it up for groups like ours for about 10 years. Our host is a former 5 star chef, who lives here full time, and is a true ambassador for the area.

Gorgeous private bay in Huatulco, Mexico

The villa has 7 bedrooms, gardens and fountains, and a brilliant array of gorgeous birds that visit each morning. There is an large common living and dining area where we will meet for meals and learning. The stunning patio with crystal blue infinity pool is where the Goddesses will gather for a majestic view of the sunset. Each private room has door and window screens, for a bug free environment, with a view of the ocean, the moon and sky.

The relaxed daily “leave your cares behind” curriculum is planned like this:

Each morning after breakfast we will do some gentle movement and meditation to start the day. Then we will gather for some structured stress free instruction time. I plan to leave the afternoons open to explore conversation, the beauty of the area, introspection, shopping and fun. The evenings are filled with great food, swimming under the night sky and dream sharing.

These are some of the activities we will explore, and for a sample of the full curriculum of our next Spiritual Adventure, visit, Retreats.
story sharing
writing intentions

first signs of stress worksheet
where do you store your stress quiz?

Check chakra balance daily

Personal gem prescription
gemstone meditation

Goddess Archetype photoshoot
Create a group workbook

The relaxed schedule of classes are only part of the Adventure. The group discussions, heartfelt sharing of life stories and nightly gatherings around the table and the pool are the treasure.Walks on the beach, visiting local shops and restaurants, and deep relaxation is all part of the fun.
The ah-ha moment is that we are all emerging as a new being, every day. Our struggle of growth and the awareness of the process of becoming, is very valuable to share with others. It is our gift to heal others as we heal ourselves.

Are you ready to find your fun and adventure, and start down a new path of stress free living?

Allow me to guide your spiritual journey to find your joy during a Spiritual Adventure in Mexico.

This Wise Woman Adventure will allow you time to decompress, de-stress, and immerse in self-care. It’s difficult to leave your cares behind in between work, phone calls, family and responsibilities. Take a respite.

Get of the grid and go out of this world!

Teresa Maron

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