Metamorphosis Fall Retreat

Metamorphosis Fall Retreat

Organizer, Brandy Deutsch

Featuring keynote speakers, Helen Racz and Brian Stovall

and 20 top speakers, teachers and healers

OCTOBER 8-9, at the magical




Metamorphosis-Change is Divine

“a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly.”

Enjoy Presentations and Services including:

retreats with teresa maronSacred Space Ceremony

Theta Energy Healing


Spiritual Readings

Crystal and Gemstone Grids

Cuisine by Passion To Plate

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In case you have not heard, the earth is changing in ways it has not changed in 780,000 years!! We are witnessing an auspicious event in earth’s history.

Change is Divine and full of possibilities. It has never been more exciting to prepare for the changes to come:  Join Us at the magical wonderland of Habitat House, created by Selia Qynn.

habitat house wildlife rescue with teresa maron

Join Organizer, Brandy Deutsch, with Helen Racz and Brian Stovall, and 20 top speakers, teachers and healers for Metamorphosis Fall Retreat, Oct 8-9.

This experience will be unique in support of spirit, with focus on physical, psychological, emotional health and vibrancy. An amazing interface will be taking place at this magical wildlife preserve, with nature’s treasures, holistic food, sacred energy attunement and our enlightened group.

Our speakers have come together with the theme of thriving through this Divine Change and will be teaching deep level communication, creation and mastery of personal power techniques.

Join organizer Brandy Deutsch and 20 top thought leaders, teachers and healers at the first annual Metamorphosis retreat Oct 8-9, at Habitat House in Houston Texas.

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