October Tune-Up Tuesday

October Tune up Tuesday with host Patty Adamik

October Tune Up Tuesday with host Patty Adamik

October is the time of Harvest.

Patty Adamik gives you some clear vision on making life interesting as the nights grow longer and the harvest time arrives.

As the days are definitely moving toward darkness, the energy of October invites us to take stock, to notice and appreciate all that we have accomplished and all that has transpired through the year so far.

Last month, in Deep Longing of Your Soul, we celebrated fruition and wisdom talk with Teresa Maronripening, now is the time to start reeling it in.

This month’s gift is a Cave Wind in the Moonlight Ceremony. Its designed for a full moon (although you can do it anytime). So mark your calendar for October’s full moon and download the MP3 right now.

Take the time to appreciate what you have done – whether big or small.

Is there some big goal that you can cross off your do-to list?  Then be sure to savor that.

Are you in the midst of a big project and you are feeling antsy about the pace of completion? Look back at all you have done so far and remember – the biggest gift is in the journey.  Any step toward realization is a reason for gratitude.

Is there are project or ‘should do’ that is bringing up all kinds of resistance? That’s a sure clue that there is a need for examination and possibly re-alignment to be sure that what you think you want is really in your best interest and part of your Soul purpose.

What about all the amazing, interesting and totally unpredictable events that you experienced this year so far? That’s what gives life its juiciness.  Reflect on those times too and you may just find a new insight or unexpected gift.

Harvest time is a taking in, taking stock, provisioning for the introspective time of Winter but it is also a time to find and tend the seeds that came in with the ripened goods. Those are what will sustain you and spark the creative flow for the next awakening come Springtime.

Enjoy the Cave Wind Meditation with Patty Adamik and see you next month for the Tuesday Tune Up on Wisdom Talk Radio.


Patty Adamik is an everyday shaman and creator of the Wildly Thriving Wise Woman program. She has over 25 years of helping women uncover blocks, release pain and claim their power through coaching, body work and energy medicine. She is an authorized Continuum Movement® Teacher, Certified Intuitive Artist and Advanced Zen Bodytherapy® practitioner. She is the featured presenter at Soul Sanctuary, 2017 retreat.

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