Guided meditation audio with teresa maron

Energy Healing with Meditation


Teresa shares her favorite Guided Meditation journeys  to gently ease you back into stress free living in this audio recording. With soothing words of affirmation, energy healing, and beautiful music, stress will melt into nothingness. Each guided meditation has a focused intent, to work with your subconscious to find deeply buried stress and release it. Convenient Mp3 download to take Inspiration wherever you go!


Product Description

Guided Meditation CD by Teresa Maron

You receive 5 guided meditation journeys, with 5 different ways to clear subconscious stress. And, 2 bonus tracks, just for fun!

Chakra Balance Meditation-avoid negative imprints

Balance is to be sought daily. Obviously, you have  times in your life that chaos and crisis will interfere with a balanced life. This guided meditation gives you the chakra energy to use for each area of life, an affirmation to restore perspective and balance.

Gemstone Meditation-creating specific actions

Discern the best chakra, color and gemstones to use to achieve specific results, by making clear decisions on creating your perfect world. This meditation is manifestation tool, to use consciously.

Color Meditation-raise your vibration 

The Color Meditation gives strength and confidence to take the next action step and create what you desire. It is your cheerleader and coach, sending you out into your magical world with the expectation of a miracle.

Past Life Regression-go to the source

This is a deep soul search to find the deeply buried subconscious stress triggers that give you struggles. Be grateful for the struggles. They are your greatest teachers because once understood, they fade away.

Prayer for Humanity-all is well and right

The greatest peace comes from trusting the process, feeling connected and knowing it will all be perfect in the plan. This meditation reinforces faith.

53:00 minutes long, with original music by Cody “Little Hawk”


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