The Intentional Meditation Series


Intentional Meditation energy healing workshop is a complete system of holistic care management. The program will transform your experience of stress management self care and happiness in 16 weeks. The curriculum includes a total of 5 hours of video instruction, a 1 hour guided meditation audio, and a 100 page companion workbook. The instruction is delivered in easy to process and well organized segments, once per week.

I also include my complete support with 5 one-on-one private sessions, one every 3 weeks. The techniques that you will learn include Meditation for specific outcomes, energy balance and Guided Imagery with stunning visuals and music. You will commit to one hour once a week, and then 15-30 minutes per day for 16 weeks.

Product Description

Intentional Meditation Energy Healing Workshop

16 Week Program with Teresa Maron

Program Goals: The Intentional Meditation energy healing workshop teaches you how to reverse and repair the health problems that are related to subconscious stress with gentle daily preventative self-care.

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This program could be right for YOU if:

You have tried to change your daily habits to include more stress releasing activities but keep going back to worry, obsessive behaviors and habits…..

A challenging or very traumatic time of life has just come to an end, divorce, illness, caregiving, loss…………

You have recognized a pattern of self sabotage and are ready to challenge yourself to new results, new accomplishments and joy……………….

A new journey and time of life in front of you can be re-written, and want to bring a joyful, creative new you into that phase, ………

The idea of a daily plan of creative, intuitive and self-nurturing programming sounds like just what you need right NOW!

Add Holistic Stress intentional meditation energy healing workshop with teresa maronManagement to Your Routine for Gentle Preventative Care

Stress accelerates aging, memory loss, dulls happiness and scrambles your ability to focus.

Caregivers under stress have a higher rate of death than people their age who were not caregivers.

Stress affects the stomach, muscles and lungs and can make existing conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure or asthma worsen.

Stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol, and that seems to increase the amount of fat that’s deposited in the abdomen.

Stress damages the immune system leaving your body vulnerable to disease.

Stress management techniques have been shown in multiple studies to ease, and even reverse these symptoms. In fact the list of health benefits to a daily stress management support routine are undeniable.

Does Intentional Meditation Really Work?

Stress is an emotional reaction that can be controlled with management techniques that give you positive habits and coping skills. Almost always, stress is connected to a thought pattern or memory that is deeply buried and adding to the situation that you are experiencing as stressful. The Intentional Meditation program works at the subconscious level to remove these triggers.

Use the Intentional Meditation Series techniques to develop communication with your subconscious mind to identify and heal projections, expectations, pre-conceived notions and reactions from past bad experiences. When you face the subconscious triggers of stress, you can then release them, and replace them with a new positive self nurturing thought habit.

Many of us have so many traumas and repetitive negative actions it gets hard to tell the real from the shadows. So we bury it, put it off, normalize it, and suffer silently. This leaves us vulnerable and unable to cope.

I developed this Intentional Meditation 16 week energy healing workshop for highly productive, overwhelmed people who are doing a balancing act to cope and in need of an organized approach to stress management. You get one lesson a week, a 15 minute video and workbook assignment, with a daily plan that can be done in 15 minutes.You will have an hour with me for your personal support session every three weeks.

Upon purchase you will receive a welcome packet immediately, including a one hour audio and 100 page workbook. You will also get a comprehensive email from me about the course, and how to best utilize the information.

You will commit to an hour or so the first week, then 15 minutes a day. On the personal session weeks, we will spend one hour together.

You will receive a lesson weekly, for 16 weeks. So, what can you expect to learn?

intentional meditation energy healing workshop with teresa maron

BENEFITS and RESULTS of Intentional Meditation

You will Develop daily habits like Meditation and Guided imagery that are known to positively impact and strengthen your body’s ability to create healthier cells, bringing a fresh feeling of optimism and personal power.

Find and release stress from the most vulnerable areas of your body.

Remove and Reprogram your past self-defeating thoughts. intentional meditation energy healing workshop

Recognize and stop the pattern of allowing new subconscious imprints.

Understand what Chakra Energy is and how it carries your Unique Vibrational Signal.

Use Chakra Energy Intentionally to add deeper connection to your relationships.

Develop your Intuition and Visualization skills with beautiful music and imagery.

Use and Create Affirmations for Manifesting Health in All Areas of Life.

There is a Daily Assignment Plan to Maximize the results of your Meditation in only 15 minutes a day.

Use a deepening technique that removes conditioning, patterns and habits.

Find Guidance from the Collective Consciousness in the soothing Theta Brain Wave.

Access your Akashic Records for specific questions on your individual challenges.

Create a daily Journal to document your Journey and process your healing.

Use Color, Crystal and Gem Prescriptions for your specific needs.

Learn to choose a Personal Power Stone.

Learn 3 techniques to Cleanse and Program your Crystals.

Receive Weekly Exercises to Heighten Intuition and Connection to Your Inner Wisdom.

Create a Personalized Sacred Space to enjoy peaceful introspection, spiritual growth and visualization.

Master Meditation Manifesting Techniques using Symbols, Colors and Emotions.

This program will teach you to truly listen to what your body is telling you because stress affects us first in our Energy field.

The 16 week Program Includes:

This thoughtful and carefully planned program is a consistent and detailed plan to add stress management into your daily routine. You will receive an email weekly, with creativity assignments, intuition exercises and inspirational video lessons. Every few weeks there is a personal session with me, a deep dive into your journeys and assignments. You will be completely supported through this time of transition and change.

  • 5 hours of video Instruction, delivered in convenient 15 minute episodes
  • Visually stunning guided meditations on video, each with a specific Intent
  • An MP3 audio of each meditation to keep on your phone or Ipod
  • 100 page Workbook, as a companion for your Personal Coaching
  • 5 One-on-One Coaching Hours of Personal Support from Teresa
  • A Daily Plan of Assignments in your workbook to instill good habits
  • Weekly Exercises to complete to reach Your Goal of Stress Free Living.

intentional meditation energy healing program with teresa maronLearn a daily routine of self empowering preventative care, deliberately removing the signs of stress before it becomes a physical symptom.

The program is 16 delicious weeks of the gentlest, most creative and Intuitive of the Holistic Healing Arts.

Get started today on your new stress free adventure!


Teresa Maron, Spiritual Adventuress

Mission: My commitment to my clients is to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.



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