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Learn-Energy-Medicine with teresa Maron
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Learn Energy Medicine


Learn Energy Medicine teaches you to reduce stress, reverse aging and prevent disease with a daily system of preventative self-care.This 6 week class, includes how energy medicine and holistic principals work, the history and background of each modality, and how it is best used for fast results in today’s modern society.  You will learn Chakra balance, crystal healing and 3 types of meditation for daily preventative care. There is a weekly experiential exercise and a quiz in pdf form to add these techniques to your daily habits. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

Product Description

Learn Energy Medicine Energy Healing workshop with Teresa MaronLearn Energy Medicine

Have you felt a Self Defeating Shift in Optimism? Do You Feel Something Essential is Missing? Is there a Lack of Purpose, Diminished Feeling of Personal Power, Low threshold of Joy? Do you want your Sparkle Back?

Goal of the Class: Learn energy medicine teaches you how holistic principals work, the history and background of each modality, and how it is best used for fast results in today’s modern society.

Get Immediate Access-This is a six week audio series, designed to add the basics of Energy medicine into your daily habits. Each week focuses on one of the following topics. There is a weekly experiential exercise, and a quiz in pdf form to be completed for each week. You will receive your first lesson immediately upon purchase, and then one weekly after that.

Learn Energy Medicine is comprised of proactive preventative modalities that heal symptoms of dis-ease in the energy field before presenting as a physical symptom. If a physical symptom is already present, Energy Medicine shows you where the symptom originated in the spiritual, mental or emotional area of your field and helps to remove and reduce the symptoms.

Therefore, healing in the Chakra System is where Energy medicine begins.

Common benefits of the Learn Energy Medicine System include:

  • Reduce stresslearn energy medicine crystal healing workshop with teresa maron
  • Alleviate depression
  • Increase self esteem
  • Improve concentration
  • Acquire clarity of thought
  • Obtain spiritual awakening
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Obtain a sense of peace/calmness
  • Prevent energy drain to keep disease away

Online purchases-You will be sent a link to the first class immediately, and then receive classes once per week. You can download the audio files, and the pdf of the workbook for permanent access.

By the end of the six weeks you will be sparkling with a new outlook on life, higher vibrational vigor and positive healing energy.

Learn Energy Medicine Class Curriculum

  • Daily Energy Balance Check Up-Learn why a daily balance check up is the most self empowering preventative care available.
  • Prevent Disease with Chakra Balance-Learn how each organ, endocrine and body part reacts to subconscious stress.
  • Healing Journeys Into the Akashic Records-Start the journey to removing deeply buried imprints caused by subconscious stress.
  • Energy healing with Gem Prescriptions-Use color, crystals and gemstones to treat specific symptoms, gentle and long lasting.
  • Combine Color and Gemstone Healing-Maintain a higher vibration to regenerate healthier cells and a more joyful life.
  • Meditate to Manifest Your Dreams-Create your reality with intentional meditation using these techniques 15 minutes a day.


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