learn to read the akashic records with teresa maronLearn to read the Akashic records with Teresa Maron

Learn to Read The Akashic Records


Learn to Read the Akashic Records is an energy healing workshop with Teresa Maron that includes an audio of 2 guided imagery meditations and video lesson. It also comes with a comprehensive companion workbook. Learn to access and enter your own personal Akashic records, on your own for healing and spiritual growth with these powerful tools.


Product Description

What are the Akashic records?

The Akashic records are a vibration, like a radio channel, that is part of the collective consciousness. They hold information that can give you very specific information on ways to improve your life. People who struggle with a specific problem, over and over, and can’t seem to break the cycle are the ones who can benefit in a really magical and very quick way. People who want to heighten their intuition, or ability to experience joy and positive energy benefit from the Akashic Records in a more subtle but long lasting way.

Why do we create challenging Relationships, Patterns and Problems?

Deeply buried stress hides under all sorts of behaviors. Many of us have so many traumas and repetitive negative actions it gets hard to tell the real from the shadows. So we bury it, put it off, normalize it, and suffer silently. The class includes guided imagery and meditation to reduce stress.

What will I learn from the Akashic records?

This is the Source for learning about your karmic relationships, contracts, and choices you made pre-birth, that define your relationships, habits and patterns.

How can you teach this in an online class?

First Teresa gives a background on the evolution of this powerful tool, and brief overview of the methods. Then she takes you through a ritual process, designed to teach your subconscious mind to recognize and memorize the very special vibration where these records are stored.

2 Guided Meditations to Use Again and Again

Teresa takes you into the records with 2 powerful meditations to create this journey for yourself, whenever you want. Being able to access this vibration takes practice and consistency, but anyone can do it with Teresa’s method.

Who Will Benefit most from this?

If you struggle with a problem, over and over, and can’t seem to break the cycle you can benefit in a really magical and very quick way.

And, it is a masterful tool to heighten your intuition, and ability to experience joy and positive energy, and you will benefit from the Akashic Records in a more subtle but long lasting way.

In this energy healing workshop, Teresa includes a guided meditation audio and an instructional video lesson. The companion workbook gives additional background and perspective on successfully entering this sacred vibration on your own.

Once you’ve practiced these methods over and over and over again until you can get into the vibrational place very easily and the subconscious mind takes over, that’s when you get the real benefits of those  ah-ha moments.  So what we’re going to do in this class is show you some different ways to do just that.” excerpted from Learn to Read the Akashic Records by Teresa Maron.

I have found the key to deep healing is consistency, so it is very valuable to learn to do this for yourself, as a regular tool for self care. My method is easy, and requires using the audio, video and completing the workbook for a week or two, about 15 minutes a day. After that you will be able to do this on your own.


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