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Professional Akashic Reading

5 Reasons Why a Professional Akashic Reading is a Good Idea

professional akashic reading with Teresa MaronWe all sense the undeniable presence of holy beings, gently guiding our course of life, and ever watchful of our most beneficial outcomes. We have all experienced the power of prayer.

Accessing the Akashic Records gives a fresh perspective on current challenges and struggles, and feels like a state of prayer.

So, what is the state of mind that is best served by a professional Akashic reading? If you resonate with any of these 5 Reasons then it is a good idea.

  1. You just aren’t completely deeply gloriously happy, and haven’t been able to capture it lately.
  2. There is a sense that you are missing something but can’t quite put your finger on what it is, and it’s eating away at your self confidence.
  3. Your Soul knows you aren’t doing what you really want to do, but you are close and you feel tantalized and frustrated.
  4. In the past you have gotten to the point of real success a few times but it didn’t work out and you worry it is an inner lack or self sabotage.
  5. There is real fear of making the same mistakes again, so you procrastinate and then feel guilty.

During this professional Akashic reading I will connect you with the spiritual Professional Akashic reading with Teresa Marondimension to receive healing answers about the source of your subconscious stress. This serves to release conditioning, patterns and habits that are self-defeating.

This Sacred Healing  has a specific vibration, subtle, yet highly effective.

As you release these limiting thought patterns, your creativity and intuition will expand and become stronger, your health will improve and you will create better cells and get better results.

The Process

The first part of this session is to do a complete Chakra Balance, and get your energy field clear and ready to enter the Akashic records. Then we will go over your questions, and focus them for best results. The best questions are specific, detailed and emotional. It is worth the time to really get clear on what you are asking. We will focus on up to 3 questions.

When we enter the records, using the Linda Howe method of professional reading, you will feel the change of vibration, and the healing will begin.

We will stay in the records about 20 minutes, and I will act as your channel to “see” what the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones have to say to you. Commonly, the questions will be elaborated on, and then the holy beings will teach or instruct you on best practices for achieving your goals.

You have the option to record the session if you wish.

professional Akashic reading with Teresa MaronThe Results

Most people who enter the records say they have experienced a welcome shift in perception surrounding their struggle. They also feel relieved, refreshed and rejuvenated. This comes from the overwhelming love that is surrounding this process, and the acknowledgement that we are never alone in our journey.

This is the healing that finally gave me my breakthrough when I was feeling overwhelmed. I look forward to guiding you into this treasure trove of healing.

Joyfully, Teresa Maron

 “Teresa your deeply inspiring methods of stress management have changed my life, and given me peace. The readings in the Akashic records have helped me feel more creative and alive. You have helped me open up to writing my book, and as life is short, if I can help others by writing, it helps me also.” M Molina, Houston

Hey, if you are struggling to get your game face on, and you know the Holidays are quickly approaching. And if you want to really focus on the rest of the year for a strong finish, I hear you. I am offering half off, for an Akashic reading, to share the healing that worked for me. Just for you, until November 7.

Regular $150.00-Today until November 7-$75.00

Purchase Your Professional Akashic Reading here!

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Your session will be one hour and include:

  • A Full Chakra balance
  • Direction on Choosing the Questions
  • Entering and reading Your Akashic Records
  • An Mp3 of the entire session
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