Quality of Life Insurance

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Quality of Life Insurance

The very best quality of life insurance is the kind that makes every day you live more secure, more risk free and more peaceful. Now more than ever, there are new choices available.

My commitment is to stress free living, for families. This is certainly a spiritual adventure, and my belief in holistic care is based on a healthy lifestyle.

However, I know that there comes a time when you need a doctor, and traditional care. In fact, I have recently been the recipient of miracles performed by traditional doctors that holistic care just couldn’t provide. My quality of life has been improved.

Let me share two examples of how life insurance can help.

I bought a Universal life insurance policy 15 years ago when I was the picture of health. It provided me with enough of an income and accumulated cash value to keep going when I was sick and unable to work for 4 months. It made a difficult diagnosis easier to manage, because I had enough to see me through recovery.

My Mom has been in the hospital 4 times this year. We have received no bills, and don’t expect to. She is fully covered with Medicare supplement insurance  that pays her 20% and extras, like in-home care, therapy and transportation. It’s a blessing.

Both of us have policies with a death benefit, necessary, but these are not what is making our lives easier.

Want to know how this can ease your enjoyment of life?

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What I need to know before Turning 65
 Find out the #1 benefit open to you when turning 65, and how to truly customize your coverage in this fact filled conversation. #Turning65

Make your Retirement more Peaceful

Many people think life insurance requires a very special membership into a club that no one wants to join. In other words you have to die to get the benefits. But at Bankers Life, we have many products and services that make your retirement more peaceful, secure and less stressful. #LongTermCare

Make Money and Have Peace of Mind

Most parents think of life insurance as something you do for someone else, to cover your final expenses and to add to your children’s security, comfort, pay for their education. And it is, but, with a Universal Life policy there are options to save creatively, and create a fund for your children give them a start in life. Let’s discuss who it’s right for and why. #UniversalLife

Quality of life insurance helps in these situations:life insurance with teresa maron

Everyone knows someone who seemed so healthy but suddenly had a health challenge that caused them to lose work and needed financial help from family and friends. I would have made a difference having built up a risk free cash reserve.

Do you know someone who was fine, but they died unexpectedly and had no reserves for their final days or their final expenses? Did they rely on friends contributing to a Go Fund Me? What if you could cash your life insurance policy before you die if you need it?

Everyone knows that the changing health insurance industry is adding more to the “not’ covered list and even if it is covered, there is still that pesky 20 %. If you aren’t sick and you are under 65 we need to talk while you are able to get great rates to offset these expenses.

Even a short hospital stay for a non life threatening condition can add up fast. The co-pay on this can get to 30,000.00 or more in a week or less, and if you have recovery time, well it is scarier than a horror movie.

A regular check up can turn into a challenge if there is a recommendation for deeper look into results. Knowing that you are prepared financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving. This is the absolute best prevention of stress, quality of life insurance.

Being able to tell your loved ones your rainy day plans gives everyone peace of mind. If something happens it certainly changes the conversation because the plan is in place. Get quality of life insurance for everyone you love.

Peace of Mind

I represent a line of products that is called quality of life insurance because that is what they provide. The best time to make decisions about this is before you need to, because then it is stress free decision making, with the lowest prices.

The best part is I work for a national company and they encourage me to speak with you for 30 minutes to let you know what we have, so you can think it over. The sooner you know your options, the sooner you can have that peace of mind. Click the button below to schedule a no-obligation consultation and see the 5 most important questions to answer during that time.

My office is in Northwest Houston. If you are in the greater Houston area, or even further, schedule an appointment and we will visit by phone.

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Quality of Life Insurance Consultation

Your session will be 30 minutes and include a deeper look into your life insurance needs.

We will answer these questions:

Quality of Life insurancee with Teresa Maron

  • Do you have a final expenses policy?
  • Are you or your husband going on Medicare in the next year?
  • Do you have any health challenges now or in the past 3 years?
  • Would you like to pay one monthly payment and have full coverage on unexpected illness?
  • Would you feel better about accruing $50-100,000.00 in the next 15-20 years for retirement?
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