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Want to up-level your spiritual business with retreat facilitation?

Having run many of my own successful healing transformation destination retreats, I have the knowledge, experience and processes that will create a streamlined experience. In addition, the beautiful Huatulco, Mexico location is one that I have been personally exploring for over 10 years.

I offer you an opportunity to experience the joy of retreat facilitation with my turnkey concierge and retreat management service. We host retreats and offer destination services around the pristine Pacific area of Huatulco, Mexico.

Who We Are Looking For:

We offer retreat facilitation for heart centered professionals who teach programs of change and transformation, in the holistic healing, artistic and intuitive arts.

If you want to add healing transformational destination retreats to your spiritual business I recommend that you look for a collaboration partner who understands the both the feeling that works with your program, and the needs of your attendees. You want to work with a team that you resonate with and wants to see you succeed. We will make sure the space perfectly accommodates your curriculum of inner growth and that your short and long term goals are clearly defined into a business plan. You will see the benefits of this approach almost immediately.

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grow your spiritual business with professional retreat facilitation
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We provide peace of mind that allows you to focus on the most important aspect – teaching curriculums of change and transformation.

We offer seamless delivery of pre-event marketing, hotel arrangements, room set-up, meals, transportation and excursions. In addition, because we’ve hosted our own events onsite, we intimately know the area and can assure your comfort and peace of mind to give the best sensory and integrated experience to your VIP clients. This allows you to stay in the “zone” as the teacher, speaker and leader of your week, leaving all the details of planning the retreat to us.

The Many Benefits of our Retreat Concierge Service

Is this right for you, right now? It starts with a confidential consultation to answer this question, and if the answer is no, then you will get step-by-step action plan and a timeline to get ready. Look at the list of details that we provide to insure your success, and then schedule a collaboration consultation below.

INTIMATE VENUES – we will help you choose the venue that best suits your curriculum

  • Individual Open air casitas on a remote beach for plenty of private time and solitary introspection
  • Immerse in deep group connection in a 5-star villa with private beach, chef and swimming pool
  • Private hilltop compound with yoga room, infinity pool and meditation area for larger groups
  • Boutique luxury beachfront hotel in a lively yet intimate artisan town with unique shopping and cozy bistros

PERSONALIZED MARKETING PLAN-we will discuss your needs in the collaboration consultation

  • Profitability Goals Coaching
  • Personalized workshop design
  • Full administration management

INTERNATIONAL BORDERS – No Problem! We make all arrangements

  • Private vendor ground transportation the entire trip
  • On-site event support and management, before, during and after

Once your retreat begins, we are at your service assuring that everything runs smoothly. Your event location will be set-up, any materials you require will be right there. If anything needs tweaked, changed or adapted, we take care of it so you don’t have to! Schedule a consultation today!

Create a memory that they will talk about forever!

Timing and Preparation is Everything

Timing is always of the essence in planning a magical experience for others. Retreat facilitation takes seven months for proper preparation. Let me help. Contact me today to find out how I can take all the stress out of facilitating your next retreat. NOTE: We are currently scheduling for Fall 2017.

Can you Really Present Well and Run a VIP Retreat?

Concierge Stand with Teresa Maron

If you are a creative, who believes in healing through art, and the spirituality and connection achieved through experiential workshops, then I bet you have thought of the benefits of offering retreats to your clientele. But, it would have to be exceptional, and stress free, and … continue reading

Grow Your Spiritual Business with a Destination Retreat

beautiful view from balcony retreat with Teresa Maron

Let’s face it, we’re busy! We’re inundated with work, family, health, financial issues, new technology, keeping up with friendships, networking, pets and repairs. Do you have time to add another thing to your schedule? Even if it will grow your spiritual business?            learn more


Deborah Lindeen bioLet’s hear a success story, from featured presenter, Deborah Lindeen, MA, LPC

Soul Sanctuary, March 2016

Some of the modalities we used were guided imagery and deep relaxation, journaling, working with mandalas, and of course, SoulCollage®! The experience was phenomenal and everyone expressed that it met their needs of self discovery. It exceeded my expectations! “

Teresa Maron Retreat Facilitator

Your Concierge, TERESA

I have extensive experience organizing group travel. I have traveled to this area in Oaxaca, Mexico regularly for over 10 years and have developed close relationships with many artists and business owners there. But many people have, and that is not why I am a good choice for your retreat facilitation.

Because I am an energy healer, intuitive practitioner and retreat facilitator myself, I know the challenges of presenting well, and running the onsite program. It’s hard to keep changing hats, and stay in the zone, and your attendees expect that. Read more about the benefits here

Having a professional team handle the marketing, itinerary, copy writing and providing the plan before the trip leaves you free to write your program and plan your daily presentations.

During the actual trip you can attend to the questions your attendees have about their transformational journey with you, and pass us the rest.

Most importantly, it gives you a team of marketing pros to document the retreat in photos, testimonials and video so you can make this a trip that truly keeps on giving, to your business and your VIP clients.

My passion for this hideaway is real. I own a panoramic property there and have dreams of building my own retreat center. I want this to feel like home to you, and your VIP clients, as it does to me.

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