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Feel Free with Healing Transformation Destination Retreats

When was the last time you felt truly free?

Retreats are: Free of stress, responsibility, time, space, and the luxurious and delicious freedom you have when you can just, “Take Your Time.” Spiritual Adventures for women offers Healing Transformation Destination Retreats that open up new horizons of intuition and manifestation.

You will find yourself in a gorgeous remote area, allowing you to leave behind daily routines. You will go more deeply within, see more clearly, and stimulate deep examination of inner thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

Experience the New You

Many of the women I talk to have lost touch with fun and adventure that used to be what they really loved about themselves. Routines and responsibilities have taken the place of trying new things, and the magic of creating spontaneously.

The ah-ha moment is that we are all emerging as a new being, every day. Our struggle of growth and the awareness of the process of becoming, is very valuable to share with others. In our retreats it is our gift to heal others as we heal ourselves.

The Healing Adventure Begins

All retreats are a little different, giving you the opportunity to experience healing through intuitive art, visiting new cultures and energy healing workshops.

Our team of expert facilitators provide a curriculum with my personal guidance, focusing on physical and energetic health, engaging your intuitive skills, creativity and clear intention and goal setting.

Self introspection is always a priority, with ample down time for you to be touched by the natural beauty of the pristine Pacific coast, journal and spend quality alone time in these luxurious settings.

The meticulous detail extends to the menus and dining experience, with personal chefs, delicious local fresh dining and tantalizing beverages.

Our dedication to safety includes private taxis, fully vetted and recommended comfortable surroundings which allows you to feel safe yet luxurious.

Join us for a Healing Transformation at a Destination Retreat!

crystal healing retreat 2017


crystal healing with teresa maron

Learn Crystal Healing, July 15-22, 2017, in the luxurious surroundings of a private villa on the Mexican Pacific Coast, suitable for those new to the craft or more advanced. The properties of stones, how to focus, or program them and then where to put it and for how long is the study of crystal healing. It’s gentle, quick and no side effects! This retreat is a deep dive into using crystals and gemstones for healing, abundance, manifestation and deepening intuition. Relax, eat healthy, enjoy nature, laugh and meet new friends.



On the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, find a Sanctuary that is soothing to the Soul. Our goal is to show up boldly amidst life’s unpredictable and difficult challenges and reconnect with your sense of purpose and passion. Enjoy Movement, Meditation and Energy Balance Daily. Participate in Certified art therapy and Create a Personal Journal of Inspiration. Relax deeply. Our next Soul Sanctuary is September 16-23, 2017. Our featured presenter is Patty Adamik, teaching Intuitive Drawing and Continuum Movement.



Deep summer is the perfect time to do some deep cleansing. Start with an authentic temezcal herbal steam cleanse, with a river clay masque and massage treatment. Choose from local practitioners who specialize in reiki, and spiritual cleansing with shamanic rituals. Or, a Oaxacan sugar and chocolate massage in a luxury day spa overlooking a private bay? With hiking and swimming every day, you’ll get healthy and really fit. This type of summer retreat isn’t for everyone, but the benefits are worth it! Next Summer Solstice, July 1-8, 2017.

Join Spiritual Adventures for Women Retreats!

You will drop years of stress from your face and your body, laugh, be pampered, release worries and remember your Joy. Don’t wait any longer!

Be Part of It

  • Just going outside and seeing the phases of the moon and the colors of the moon over the Pacific Ocean was the most transformational for me.

    Tricia Richardson
    Beaumont, TX
  • I would say experiences like this are required. Being with a supportive group of women, and able to take off the mask and really talk in this beautiful environment gave me the trust to let down my guard.

    Michelle Biggs
    Houston, TX
  • I joined a Joyful Journeys retreat because I have had 3 different health issues, and although I am recovering from all of them, it has left me with some limitations. I needed some time to figure that out.

    Anne Tonks
    Seattle, WA
  • I needed this year to work on myself and release some fear. I’m outwardly very strong and confident, but inwardly I feel fear of stepping out of my comfort zone.

    Barbara Whitton
    Houston, TX
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