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Services and Spiritual Adventures for Women to Remove Stress, Reverse Aging, Reduce Disease

My commitment of services to my clients is to find the source of subconscious stress that results in negative thoughts, self-image or self-destructive patterns and behaviors and remove it.

My philosophy is:

Stressful imprints in your energy field don’t go away. They show up in self-destructive patterns, habits and relationships. They must be released Intentionally, from your subconscious with proactive behaviors. This is the most powerful manifestation tool available.

If you are drawn to additional training I have created many affordable do-it-yourself products that teach my gentle methods of empowerment, self-care and self-growth.

My higher end breakthrough coaching, energy healing workshops, and transformational destination retreats are designed to completely shift your perspective, from life challenges to opportunities of personal growth and transformation.


Are you at a crossroads in your personal life and ready to take it to the next step? Are you feeling stuck or making a transition? Are you facing a crisis and need clarity? Are you ready to feel inspired and energized? Are you ready to invest in yourself and start a new journey of stress free and joyful loving? My services include:

Breakthrough Coaching

Learn Energy Medicine to get powerful tools to heal yourself. My methods range from Crystal Healing to deep meditation and Color healing for stress for higher vibrational living!


Learn new habits and techniques to rid yourself from stress forever with my Energy Healing workshops. I offer you the convenience of online classes, programs and workshops.


My trademark speaking style is to teach with humor and interactive activities, getting engagement from the audience on a physical and spiritual level.

Retreat Facilitation

Present healing transformational destination retreats with my turn key concierge service, and your VIP clients will become your most loyal brand ambassadors.

What my Services have in common-When you release this stress, you will start to create better cells, as your body naturally replaces them. If you have tried other methods, to no avail, then maybe it’s time to look at the most self-empowering preventative care in our world. Rid yourself of stress before it becomes a mental, emotional or physical disease.

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Meditate-to-Manifest-Your-DreamsLearn Energy Medicine for holistic self-care in this 6 week class, teaching Chakra balance, crystal healing and meditation for daily preventative care.

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