Soul Sanctuary Retreat

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Soul Sanctuary ReBirth with Continuum Movement
soul sanctuary intuitive art retreat
Soul Sanctuary REeBirth with Intuitive Drawing
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summer solstice retreat 2017
Summer Solstice retreat 2017

Soul Sanctuary 2017

Soul Sanctuary 2017, a Healing Transformation Retreat in Huatulco, Mexico features  Continuum Movement a in a luxury 5 Star Villa and spa on the Pacific.

Feeling a bit lost when you wake up? Maybe you’ve suffered from some recent trauma? Are you experiencing lack of motivation, purpose or fulfillment? Are you struggling in various areas of your life? Maybe transitioning into a new phase of your life? Or maybe you just need to reset your balance.

Soul Sanctuary 2017 is a total health rejuvenation retreat!

Through “agelessness” skills such as Meditation, Movement, Art and Chakra Balance you will bring your body and soul back into alignment so you can show up bold for yourself amidst life’s unpredictable and difficult challenges.

Meet new friends, learn new rituals and traditions, relax and have fun.

In this transformation retreat, you will:

  • Reconnect with your sense of purpose and passion
  • Uncover many causes of emotional stress and help you form a mindset of happiness and success
  • Explore your own creativity and find your distinct artistic preferences that speak to your heart
  • Create positive changes and nurture your body through gentle movement, stress-reduction techniques and delicious meals
  • Increase your personal satisfaction and effectiveness in life

Program Includes:

  • Continuum Movement, with Master Teacher Patty Adamik
  • Intuitive Drawing, Meditation and Energy Balance Daily
  • Creation of a Personal Journal of Inspiration
  • Amazing Luxury Accommodations and Gourmet Healthy Food
  • Full Service Spa with World class Practitioners

Soul Sanctuary 2017

The retreat takes place at a Five Star villa on a private bay in Huatulco Mexico. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking natural setting perfectly suited for growth, transformation and deep relaxation.

Life Insurance Benefits for Living

About Your Host, Teresa Maron

I am a consultant on the subject of the deadly effects of stress. My energy healing workshops, programs, classes and retreats teach you to understand where your stress is coming from, and how it affects your health, happiness and ability to succeed.

I have extensive experience organizing group travel. I’ve traveled to this area regularly for over 10 years, and have developed close relationships with many artists and business owners there.

My passion for this hideaway is real. I own a panoramic property there, and have dreams of building my own center. I will be acting as retreat concierge at Soul Sanctuary 2017, assuring you of a seamless journey. I will also be the documentary photographer, with the goal of getting some true beauty shots of everyone in this paradise of nature. It is a trip of a lifetime. 


September 16-23, 2017


Oaxaca, Mexico

Soul Sanctuary 2017 with Patty Adamik

Patty Adamik, Featured Presenter

Our featured presenter is Patty Adamik, an Everyday Shaman that is passionate about helping others discover their unique path through life.

She artfully blends Ancient Wisdom and the latest in mind-body research to create a safe space for profound transformation experiences.

During this Soul Sanctuary retreat, we will use the Breath/Sound streams of Continuum Movement® to awaken our inner Fluid Intelligence.

Shedding the skin of old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve our highest good, we will journey deep into our bio-cosmic heritage and emerge with fresh perspectives, enhanced creativity and clearer purpose.

Intuitive Drawing™ offers a visual interpretation of the insights and budding creative sparks so that they can be explored in detail.  The drawings, decoding and accompanying journal sessions provide clarity and a means to anchor your emerging dreams.

The synergy of Continuum Movement and Intuitive Drawing will weave together a rich tapestry of possibilities, creating a vision of and map toward living a life that is guided by connection to our Oceanic origins, Father Sky, Mother Earth and our own inner knowing.

What Retreat Goers Are Saying


The full moon rise over the Pacific each night was healing and sublime


We created memories of ourselves as an Archetype and a Wise Woman


We boldly showed up boldly amidst life’s unpredictable and difficult challenges and reconnected with your sense of purpose and passion


I thoroughly enjoyed the private villa with a personal chef making healthy and unique authentic food of the Oaxacan area

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