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spiritual adventures with teresa maron

spiritual adventures with teresa maronRecently, I shared a Spiritual Adventures retreat with some beautiful women, all at a crossroads, struggling with the release of deep stress caused by desire for a full recovery from life challenges like:

  • Recovering from illness, transitioning to a new way to self-care
  • Recovering from loss of a spouse, transitioning to allowing a new love
  • Recovering from abuse, transitioning to forgiveness, love and release of anger
  • Recovering from weight loss surgery, transitioning to a positive self-image
  • Recovering from years of care-giving to a parent, transitioning to peaceful acceptance
  • Recovering from decades of a stressful career, transitioning to stress free choices

All of these women arrived at the remote luxurious location deeply in the I’m Fine state of mind. And they were fine. They were productive, health conscious, practical, loving and compassionate women. But they had deep desires that they had put on hold for too long. They were looking for a Spiritual Adventures of the heart and soul.

At the end of the retreat, everyone said the same things. The class structure, the activities and the 5 star accommodations got their attention, and called them to be there. But, the most important element to achieving their goals was the level of the communication and the acknowledgement that they were healing themselves as they healed others in the group.

I invite you to share a memory with like-minded souls that you will talk about forever! By being in a remote area and leaving behind daily routines, you will be able to go more deeply within yourself and see more clearly.


Get off the grid and go out of this world!

Many of the women I talk to have lost touch with fun and adventure that used to be what they really loved about themselves. Routines and responsibilities have taken the place of trying new things, and the magic of creating spontaneously.

The Spiritual Adventures remind us that we are all emerging as a new being, every day. Our struggle of growth and the awareness of the process of becoming, is very valuable to share with others. It is our gift to heal others as we heal ourselves.

Our days will unfold with curiosity, luxury and panoramic beauty. As the week goes on we will uncover the Goddess archetype that speaks to the woman you are becoming. You will have found a perfect place that inspires your vision and we will do a photo shoot to create this as a lasting memory. Maybe something is already calling to you. (more about this in the next blog)

If you are at a crossroads, and need to unplug, get away from distraction and self-nurture in a pristine and beautiful location, you have found the right group of women.

Our goal is to create an environment to stimulate examination of inner thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, and have fun while doing it. Listen to some of the retreat participants speak of their journey, of Spiritual Adventures and healing.


I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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