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Spring Fever and a Shark

Is Something Following You?

I am on day 2 of Spring Fever. It’s time for some self help in the form of Frank, who does my yard. He is going to cut back the dead branches and clear out some room for new growth. Can you see the analogy? Also, I called the Salvation Army and they are coming by on Monday to remove some old furniture and boxes of stuff, great stuff, that I just don’t want to store anymore. I want to get rid of stuff I have had stored, taking up room that I need for other more current things. That is motivational to me. Is there a theme here? And, as I mentioned yesterday, a newly painted kitchen is in my future.  I want to choose the colors that will reduce my stress, give me inspiration, peace, creativity and comfort. I have set that Intention.shark

Ok, I have finally made my color decision and I am shocked. In fact, so shocked that I was supposed to record my new Learn to Read the Akashic Records  today and I got so hung up on color choices, I just didn’t do it. It will be ready tomorrow…….But at least the decision is in, and ordered. The new colors will be here Wednesday.

I was inspired by a shark! How you might ask, and of course, it doesn’t make sense, but then it does.

What you think about, you bring about.

The combination of Slate Gray, black and white with this electric blue just sent me right to the ocean. I can imagine being in my kitchen dreaming of a kayak on the crystal clear aquamarine water, without a care in the world. Can you see what I mean? Visualize it. Without the shark.

I chose 34249_SlateSlate gray paint, black cabinet tops, the walls and floors are white, and I am going to pimp out the inside of the cabinets in this electric blue. I am so excited, it almost makes me forget how much work this is going to be. I need inspiration, so send me some encouragement here, at www.TeresaMaron.us

I am also feeling this vibrant orange, and I have so many ceramic accent pieces that work, should I bring it out any more with paint on the walls, or maybe a light fixture? orange flowersOr just some beautiful flowers…………….focus, meditate, relax, no stress zone, Intentional Meditation.

Tomorrow I am recording my new Learn to Read the Akashic Records, Listen Here. This material is the results of 10 years of research. I will make the recording available for free until Monday morning, so anyone that wants to hear it, and give me feedback can with this link. I would appreciate feedback from all of you, friends who are so enlightened about this sacred vibration. Comments are welcome here, on this blog.

Happy Spring Fever to you, and don’t forget to Spring Forward with your anticipation of greatness, just another synchronistic analogy.

Joyfully, Teresa Maron, Creator of the Intentional Meditation Series

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