Summer Solstice Agelessness Spa Retreat

Summer Solstice Agelessness Spa Retreat

Agelessness Spa Retreat

July 1-8, 2017 in Huatulco, Mexico

Join Teresa Maron at Summer Solstice Retreat Agelessness Spa Retreat 2017 for a 7 day Spiritual Adventure. Create the Reality of Agelessness, with a focus on health, relaxation and rejuvenation. July 1-8, 2017 in Huatulco, Mexico

Agelessness is a state of mind that is supported with healthy lifestyle choices that reduce stress. Deep summer is the perfect time to do some deep cleansing: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reasons to add Holistic Stress Management to Your Daily Routine

Stress accelerates aging, memory loss, and suppresses happiness and ability to focus.

Stress affects the stomach, muscles and lungs and can make conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure or asthma worsen.

Stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol, and that seems to increase the amount of fat that’s deposited in the abdomen.

Stress management techniques have been shown in multiple studies to reverse these symptoms. In fact the list of health benefits to a daily stress management routine are undeniable.

A complete time-out from the usual routine is the best way to add holistic stress management to your lifestyle and reap the benefits of Agelessness.

You Will Enjoy:

An authentic temezcal herbal steam cleanse, with a river clay masque and massage treatment with local practitioners.

Holistic treatments like reiki, lymphatic and figure contouring massage and chakra balance.

A panoramic view of the Pacific ocean from your luxury accommodations in a 5 star villa.

Healthy food, wine, laughter and conversation with like-minded Wise Women under the stars each evening.

You will drop years of stress from your face and your body, laugh, be pampered, release worries and remember your Joy.

Space limited to 6 participants.


I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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