What is a “Virtual” Doctor’s Visit?

What is a "Virtual" Doctor's Visit?

A virtual doctor’s visit is called Tele-medicine. You connect with your doctor face to face, via phone or computer, and it can be half the price of a regular office visit. This is especially good for colds, coughs, UTI or rash.

Here is how it works: The doctor will consult with you, listen to you describe your symptoms and view any physical rashes or swelling with a picture from your phone. They may ask you to apply pressure to your abdomen or your sinuses. The doctor will diagnose and send any prescriptions to be filled directly to your pharmacy. This service includes doctors of all specialties. Of course, if a personal visit is warranted, the doctor will call you in for a closer look.

A virtual doctor’s visit is designed to lower health care costs and add convenience to your service.

Many people avoid going to the doctor because they don’t want to miss work for a “simple” illness, or can’t justify taking kids to the doctor with them.

Benefits to you

Just think how easy it would be to call a doctor, and get a prescription when your child is home sick from school. No getting a sick child dressed and to the doctor to sit and wait until you can get seen. Tele Doc is accessed from your home or office and usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Benefits to your employer

Taking better care of yourself results in more efficiency. This is why many companies are making this service available to their employees and their families. Colonial Life includes this service with all group plans.

I must admit, when I first heard about this I was sceptical, but when I heard how other people loved it I realized I was just used to another type of experience. This is progress, and it makes sense. Most of us know when we are just in need of a basic fix, and when we need something more.

My group and individual health plans include a membership to Tele-Doc and a discount card for medical services. For rates and full details, contact me at 713-534-7329.


I am passionate about educating people about products and services that prevent the financial struggle and stress that accompanies health challenges. Preparing financially for the worst keeps your focus on positive thoughts and healthy problem solving when challenges occur.

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