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+ Gems of Wisdom

Join us for Gems of Wisdom, with host Teresa Maron, creator of Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman. Our podcast features programs to educate, support and enrich your body, mind and soul, through art, charity and conversations that deepen our connection. Featured guests include Artists, Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators, heart centered in service and committed to your personal growth! Join us for informative and relevant content that will transform you! We’re helping you, so you can help others.

podcast with teresa maron

+ Tuesday Tune Up

Tune IN the first Tuesday of each month, for the Tuesday Tune Up podcast with host, Patty Adamik, Everyday Shaman and Creator of the Wildly Thriving Wise Women Series.  Our goal is to align our energy with the symbolic meaning associated with each month. The origins of modern day traditions can sometimes be profound! Then Patty teaches an easy-to-implement practice to weave that energy into our personal goals and intentions. Patty consciously creates a very special gift every month to further explore the healing practice. Don’t miss your Tune -Up!

wisdom talk podcast with teresa maron

+ Women’s Wisdom Circle

Inspirational, funny, heart warming and thought provoking. The Women’s Wisdom Circle podcast is a monthly podcast facilitated by Rev Brigid Waszczak, an Episcopal Deacon, Spiritual Director and women’s ministries leader, retreat consultant and mentor. Each show invites women to be who they are without needing to change or fix themselves or anyone else in the circle. We begin by exploring a wisdom quote and go where the Spirit leads.  The Circle is a place to honor our flowering alongside our brokenness and our gathering feels new and ancient at the same time. The Wisdom of the Circle is the Circle itself.



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